IBM Tivoli NetView for UNIX/Windows V7.1.5 Fix Pack 3 (7.1.5-TIV-NVD-FP0003)

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This fix pack contains fixes and corrections for IBM Tivoli NetView for UNIX/Windows Version 7.1.5. It will not install/work on any other version of NetView. Updated 2007/07/14.

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*  Error(s) have been reported against this maintenance vehicle that    
*  do not cause problems with existing function. Please see APAR(s)      
*  PJ34074 for details.                            

This fix pack consists of five packages, one each for RS6000 AIX(R), SUN SPARC Solaris, Linux Intel(TM), Linux for S/390 (31 bit), and Microsoft(R) Windows(R). You need to use the appropriate package on each platform on which an IBM(R) Tivoli(R) NetView(R) native server or client has been installed.

This fix pack contains all changes and corrections from previous IBM Tivoli NetView 7.1.5 Fix Packs.

Created/Revised by
Date of Creation /Update
Summary of Changes
CP 2008/06/21 Create Initial Version.
CP 2008/07/14 Window images has been repackaged to resolve NR APAR PJ34074, removing the need to manually copy files from one directory to another to enable the WebConsole updater to work properly after FixPack 3 installed.


IBM Tivoli NetView for UNIX/Windows V7.1.5

7.1.5-TIV-NVD-FP0003.README(ftp) English 71085
7.1.5-TIV-NVD-FP0003.README(http) English 71085
7.1.5-TIV-NVD-FP0003.README(Chiness)(ftp) Simplified Chinese 74554
7.1.5-TIV-NVD-FP0003.README(Chiness)(http) Simplified Chinese 74554
7.1.5-TIV-NVD-FP0003.README(Japanese)(ftp) Japanese 98304
7.1.5-TIV-NVD-FP0003.README(Japanese)(http) Japanese 98304

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Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is DD?
7.1.5-TIV-NVD-FP0003 (AIX) 06/27/2008 English 104505026 FTP DD
7.1.5-TIV-NVD-FP0003 (Linux) 06/27/2008 English 96334149 FTP DD
7.1.5-TIV-NVD-FP0003 (zLinux) 06/27/2008 English 88047978 FTP DD
7.1.5-TIV-NVD-FP0003 (Solaris) 06/27/2008 English 76352636 FTP DD
7.1.5-TIV-NVD-FP0003 (Win32) 06/27/2008 English 61048673 FTP DD

Problems (APARS) fixed
New In FixPack3, IZ04001 IZ06723 IZ06877 IZ07702 IZ08062 IZ08153 IZ09100 IZ09390 IZ09466 IZ12940 IZ13086 IZ14447 IZ14485 IZ13506 IZ13509 IZ15386 PJ32580 PJ32581 PJ32619 PJ32885 PJ34074, The following APARs have been resolved but are not included in any Fix Pack. Users desiring a fix for them should obtain a temporary fix from NetView Level 2, IY94076 - AIX When NetView V7.1.5 is installed on AIX, it does not add an entry , IY96977 - Corrected Readme file in windows images. , FixPack2: IY96942 IY96977 IY97267.1 IY98787 IY99025 IY99052 IY99647 IY99885 IZ00634 IZ00885 IZ01253 IZ01868 IZ02662 IZ03235 IZ03327 IZ04001 IZ04125 IZ04210 IZ04278 IZ04689 IZ05393 IZ06877 IZ06861 IZ07016 PJ32012 PJ32101 PJ32134 PJ32136 PJ32206 , FixPack1: IY88876 IY90307 IY91336 IY92493 IY92772 IY92775 IY92901 IY92937 IY92980 IY93217 IY93288 IY93549 IY93596 IY93835 IY93917 IY94553 IY94677 IY94911 IY95087 IY95186 IY95225 IY95395 IY95667 IY95668 IY95670 IY96316 IY96391 IY96575 IY96576 IY96674 IY96943 IY97203 IY97270 IY97491 IY97620 IY97855 IY98187 IY99059 PJ31755 PJ31885 PJ31952 PJ31971 PJ31986

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