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Fix Pack 1 for WebSphere IP Multimedia Subsystem Connector 6.2

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Fix Pack 1 for WebSphere IP Multimedia Subsystem Connector 6.2

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This fix pack includes APAR LI73027.

APAR LI73027 includes the following fixes:

  • TAI SIP Interceptor has been fixed to prevent an incomplete URI in header p-asserted-identity of a request from getting modified. For example, the asserted identity sip:domain is added to the principal as sip:null@domain in the previous release. With this fix, the principal maintains the original sip:domain identity which allows the creation of an identity such as sip:superadmin without having to specify both a user and a domain.

  • The fix pack addresses a problem within the Sh Web Service application where one failed notification causes subsequent notifications in the same batch of notifications to fail.  This scenario arises when a single PNR Diameter packet results in notification to multiple endpoints and one of those endpoints is unresponsive. 

  • The fix pack also addresses a performance and reliability problem where the Ro and Sh Web Service applications synchronously block until they receive a response.  In this scenario, the performance of the Ro and Sh Web Services is tightly coupled with the service and availability of the respective Notification Web Services.  To loosen this coupling and improve performance, the Ro and Sh Notification WSDLs have been updated to support one-way asynchronous notification requests.  In the Ro Notify Service, the updated method is sendCCReAuth.  In the Sh Notify Service, the updated methods are notifySCSCFNameChange, notifyUserDataChange, notifyIMSUserStateChange, notifyInitialFilterCriteriaChange, and notifyPSIActivationChange.

  • TAI HTTP Interceptor has been fixed to properly handle requests that do not contain an asserted identity or a “From” field in the headers.  Those requests were being rejected in the previous release even if the configuration option “handleUnauthenticatedUser” was set to the value “true”.  With this fix, such requests are properly handled by creating a principal with the value stored in the configuration option “unauthenticatedPrincipal” if “handleUnauthenticatedUser” is set to “true”.


Before any updates can be installed, WebSphere Application Server Update Installer or higher and IMS Update Installer Plugin must be installed first.
See Readme for other Prereqs.

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See Readme for details.

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More support for: WebSphere IP Multimedia Subsystem Connector

Software version: 6.2

Operating system(s): Linux Red Hat - iSeries, Linux Red Hat - pSeries, Linux SUSE - iSeries, Linux SUSE - pSeries

Reference #: 4018263

Modified date: 24 January 2012