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MA93: WebSphere MQ - Service Definition

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This SupportPac contains the WebSphere MQ Service Definition specification which defines how to represent WebSphere MQ applications as web services using IRIs and WSDL.

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The WMQ Service Definition specification document and the related WMQ IRI specification document specify how WebSphere MQ (WMQ) applications should be described as services.

The documents cover five major areas:

  1. The IRI specification which defines the addresses of WMQ resources to be used by WMQ services (and other applications where a WMQ IRI is required).
  2. The properties that can be used to describe a WMQ application as a service.
  3. The MQI options that must be used to construct and interpret the SOAP and non-SOAP WMQ messages that communicate with a service.
  4. A set of examples illustrating the combinations of IRIs and service invocation messages.
  5. The WSDL binding that can be used to describe WMQ services.

The main audience for these specifications is:
  1. The architects, authors, and administrators of WMQ applications who wish to catalogue their MQ assets in a standard way.
  2. The implementers of web services stacks - who wish to extend a web services stack with a WMQ message transport. These specifications let you write a WMQ service implementation that interoperates with other WMQ service implementations.
  3. Providers of web services intermediary services such as routing gateways; or SOAP/HTTP to WMQ gateways. This specification does not discuss details of how such gateways should be designed and configured, but adherence to the standard helps the gateway ensure proper interoperation with WMQ clients and services.

The specifications define SOAP and non-SOAP WMQ bindings, and so can describe both traditional WMQ applications as services, and SOAP services that use WMQ as a transport.

Possible Uses
The main purposes are:
  • To allow MQ applications to be catalogued in a services registry such as the IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository.
  • To ensure interoperability between different implementations of web services tools that allow WMQ to be used as a web services transport.
  • To enable developers to implement their own WMQ services, and to have these interoperate with vendor-provided web services.

You can download a RedPaper for more information about using the WMQ Service Definition specifications . The RedPaper uses a scenario to show how the WMQ specifications can be used in conjunction with the WebSphere Message Broker (WMB), and WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR). It demonstrates how to describe two WMQ applications using WSDL, store those WSDL descriptions in WSRR, then invoke the applications as HTTP services, through WMB with a dynamic endpoint lookup.
The RedPaper can be downloaded from here:

Author: Mark Phillips, WebSphere MQ Strategy, Hursley
Category: 2
Released: 30Nov07
Current SupportPac Version: 1.0
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