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Java Daylight Saving Time update for Domino 6 Solaris Servers

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This document provides information for obtaining a fix for users who do not have the latest JTZU tool available.

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The original version of the IBM® JTZU tool does not patch the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that is shipped with Lotus Domino® 6.x servers. This is because a pure Sun Microsystems® 1.3.1 JRE is shipped with this version of Domino. The JTZU tool is able to patch later versions of Domino because a hybrid IBM-Sun JVM is shipped with the product. The tool's 1.3.7a version introduces support for these JVMs. The JTZU tool is described in Document #1249964, "Using the IBM Time Zone Update Utility for Java (JTZU) with Lotus software products," at Prior to the 1.3.7a version of the JTZU tool, IBM obtained a fix from Sun that provides preventive service. An FTP link to this fix is found in the Installation Instructions and Download Package sections below. This new rt.jar file contains the Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes for the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Western Australia, and is compliant with level tzdata2006p of the Olson time database. To deploy this rt.jar file, refer to the Installation Instructions section below.


Domino 6.0.3 or higher, or Domino 6.5 or higher, on the Sun Solaris platform

Installation Instructions

To deploy this rt.jar, the file must be copied manually into your server installation. 1. Shut down your Domino server if it is running. 2. Double-click the following link and download the .tar file to a temporary directory: "Untar" the file, for example: > tar xvf Solaris_DST_Update.tar The .tar file contains the updated rt.jar. 3. In the shell on your Solaris server, navigate to the directory that contains the current rt.jar file that is shipped with Domino, for example: > cd /opt/lotus/notes/latest/sunspa/jvm/lib Remember that Domino only uses the JVM located beneath the platform directory that is part of your Domino server installation. Typically, the platform directory on Solaris is /opt/lotus/notes/latest/sunspa. 4. Rename the existing rt.jar to rt.old. 5. Copy the patched rt.jar from your temporary directory into the /opt/lotus/notes/latest/sunspa/jvm/lib directory. 6. Change the ownership of the new rt.jar file to your Lotus Notes user. You can determine what user this is by examining your old rt.jar file using the "ls -al command". You may need to be at the root to perform these changes, for example: > su root > ls -al rt.old -r-xr-xr-x 1 notes notes 13849883 Sept 18 08:29 rt.old chmod notes:notes rt.jar 7. Change the permissions of the new rt.jar file to read "-r-xr-xr-x", for example: > chmod 555 rt.jar 8. Remove the rt.jar and ReadMe files from the temporary directory if they are still present.

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Domino 6 Java DST Solaris patch 2/13/2007 English 13850624 FTP

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Software version: 6.0, 6.5

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Modified date: 23 February 2010