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IBM Configuration Assistant for z/OS Communications Server provides centralized configuration of AT-TLS, IP Security, NSS, PBR, QoS, IDS, and DMD policies.

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IBM provides a configuration graphical user interface (GUI) that you can use to generate configuration files for Application Transparent-Transport Layer Security (AT-TLS), IP Security (IPSec), Network Security Services (NSS), policy-based routing (PBR), quality of service (QoS), Intrusion Detection Services (IDS), and Defense Manager daemon (DMD). The Configuration Assistant (CA) is a stand-alone application that runs on the Windows® operating system and requires no network connectivity or setup to begin using it. Through a series of wizards and online help panels, you can use the Configuration Assistant to create configuration files for any number of z/OS images with any number of TCP/IP stacks per image.

The Configuration Assistant reduces configuration complexity by providing a consistent and easily manageable interface to implement AT-TLS, IPSec, NSS, PBR, QoS, IDS, and DMD. It can dramatically reduce the amount of time required to generate and maintain policy files for these disciplines. The Configuration Assistant is intended to replace manual configuration of the policy disciplines, but it can also incorporate policy data directly from the Policy Agent.

New for V1R13:

  • IDS configuration for new attack types and IPV6 addressing
  • Ability to create common IPSec configuration for multiple stacks. This function includes new reusable rules and local IP addresses as names.
  • Ability to configure both V1R12 and V1R13 level z/OS images and TCP/IP stacks.

Technologies and functions available in each release:
Release Technology / Function
V1R13 AT-TLS, IP Security, NSS, PBR, QoS, IDS, and DMD
Policy Data Import for AT-TLS, IP Security, IDS, and PBR
V1R12 AT-TLS, IP Security, NSS, PBR, QoS, IDS, and DMD
Policy Data Import for AT-TLS, IP Security, IDS, and PBR
V1R11 AT-TLS, IP Security, NSS, PBR, QoS, IDS, and DMD
Policy Data Import for AT-TLS, IP Security, IDS, and PBR
V1R10 AT-TLS, IP Security, NSS, PBR, QoS, and IDS
Policy Data Import for AT-TLS, IP Security, IDS, and PBR
V1R9 AT-TLS, IP Security, NSS, PBR, QoS, and IDS
V1R8 AT-TLS, IP Security, QoS, and IDS
V1R7 AT-TLS, IP Security


Supported platforms:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Minimum hardware required (more is recommended):
Processor: 800 MHz

Installation Instructions


  1. In the "Download Package" section, follow the link to the download page and select the version of the Configuration Assistant you want to download to your Windows system.
  2. After you have downloaded the file, run the file on your Windows system and follow the InstallShield instructions to install the Configuration Assistant.

General notes:
  • Do not attempt to run the downloaded file from a directory containing any non-alphabetic or non-numeric characters (for example, # or $). While attempting to install, if you encounter an error message indicating JVM NOT FOUND, move the setup executable to another directory with no special characters in it and install again.
  • You can install and run copies of the V1R7, V1R8, V1R9, V1R10, V1R11, V1R12, and V1R13 Configuration Assistant on the same workstation.
  • After installation, newer versions of the Configuration Assistant can migrate your saved binary backing store files into the newer version and will not overwrite or destroy the older versions.

Notes for Vista and Windows 7 only:
  • Regardless of whether you are an administrator or not, do not install the Configuration Assistant in a protected folder, which includes the Program Files folder. Select an alternate location such as C:\IBM\zCSConfigAssist\V1R13. If you attempt to install to a protected folder, you might get a JVM NOT FOUND error message.
  • When installing as an administrator, right-click on the setup executable and specify to “Run as administrator”.
  • A non-administrative user must uninstall from the Configuration Assistant’s actual _uninst directory and must know an administrative password.
  • During or after an install/uninstall, if you get a popup message box from the Program Compatibility Assistant telling you that the program might not have been installed correctly, always reply that the program was installed correctly.

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
Releases 1.13; 1.12; 1.11; 1.10; 1. 11 Jul 2011 English 95268703 HTTPS

Technical support

Support is provided on a best effort basis.

In V1R11 and later, the IBM Configuration Assistant for z/OS Communications Server is available as a fully supported task in the z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) product. z/OSMF provides a Web browser interface for a variety of z/OS system management functions. When invoked from z/OSMF, Configuration Assistant runs natively on the z/OS system and is accessed by your system administrators through a Web browser. To use Configuration Assistant in z/OSMF, your system must be running z/OS V1R11 or later. For more information, go to

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z/OS Communications Server

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