Software Catalog 2012-05-31 for ITLCM 2.2/2.3 - All Software

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2012-05-31 software catalog for Tivoli License Compliance Manager 2.2 and 2.3 - contains all software.

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Software Catalog Updates available only per request - last catalog date: 2012-05-31.

PVU Table, as shared with ILMT, is being updated as new version is released.

Still requiring catalog update for this product? Please contact support to request update.

This file can be used to update the IBM Tivoli License Compliance Manager software catalog.

WARNING: Create a backup copy of the ITLCM Administration Server Database (TLMA) before importing this catalog update.

If you have licensed a new product during the month when it was announced, the IBM catalog will not include an entry for your product. You must wait until the end of month to download a catalog and to obtain an electronic entitlement.

NOTE: The following Processor Value Unit Table is only required for V2.3 of ITLCM for IBM Software

A processor value unit table is a machine-readable file that contains information about the conversion ratio used for available processor types. The conversion ratio indicates value units needed to run a specific processor. Consequently, it is necessary to ensure that the table is updated to reflect the ratios for all processors in use.

A new table is required in the following circumstances:
You acquire an electronic entitlement that references a later version of the table than the version you have imported. In this case, a message alerts you to the need to update the table when you try to import the electronic entitlement.
You migrate a product that is licensed under processor value unit terms to a new type of processor that is not included in the table you imported.


IBM Tivoli License Manager, Version 2.2 or
IBM Tivoli License Manager, Version 2.3

Installation Instructions

For the IBM catalog update import instructions, refer to the Tivoli License Manager Planning, Installation, and Configuration Guide.

Important: Please read Tech Note #1588451 before applying update.

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Sw Cat for ITLCM 2.2/2.3 - all soft 2012-05-31 US English 5663636 FTP DD
Processor Value Unit Table for ITLCM 2013-04-16 US English 302944 FTP DD
TLCM Software Catalog schema 2/28/2009 US English 15554 FTP DD

Product Alias/Synonym

Tivoli License Manager
Tivoli License Compliance Manager

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Tivoli License Compliance Manager

Software version:

2.2, 2.3

Operating system(s):

AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

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