DB2 UDB Version 8.1 FixPak 11 (also known as Version 8.2 FixPak 4 )

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Contains links to all operating system specific pages for DB2 UDB Version 8.1 FixPak 11

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On Linux® and UNIX® operating systems, DB2® Universal Database™ (DB2 UDB) regular FixPaks can be applied on all DB2 UDB products including DB2 Connect™. Alternate FixPaks are full versions of DB2 UDB Enterprise Server Edition (ESE). Multiple alternate FixPaks can exist concurrently on Linux and UNIX operating systems. For more information on Alternate FixPaks, click here. On Windows® operating systems, there is an individual FixPak for each DB2 UDB product. There are no Alternate FixPaks for DB2 UDB on Windows.

Choose your operating system (OS) from the links below. That page will contain DB2 UDB Version 8 FixPaks, including Alternate FixPaks. Links for Documentation FixPaks (Windows, Linux and UNIX) are at the bottom of the list.

32 bit DB2 UDB for AIX 4

32 & 64 bit DB2 UDB for AIX 5L™

32 & 64 bit DB2 UDB for HP-UX 11i v1

64 bit DB2 UDB for HP-UX 11i v2

32 bit DB2 UDB for Linux (2.6 kernel, 32 bit )

31 bit DB2 UDB for Linux on S/390® systems

32 bit DB2 UDB for Linux on 32-bit Intel® and AMD systems (x86, 2.4 kernel)

64 bit DB2 UDB for Linux on Itanium-based systems (IA64)

64 bit DB2 UDB for Linux on zSeries® systems

64 bit DB2 UDB for Linux (2.6 kernel) on AMD64 and Intel EM64T

32 and 64 bit DB2 UDB for Linux on AMD64 and Intel EM64T systems

32 and 64-bit DB2 UDB for Linux on POWER™ (iSeries™ and pSeries®)

32 and 64-bit DB2 UDB for Solaris on SPARC systems

64-bit DB2 Products for Solaris Operating Systems on x86-64 systems

32 bit DB2 UDB for Windows on 32-bit Intel and AMD systems

64 bit DB2 UDB for Windows on Itanium-based systems (IA64)

64 bit DB2 UDB for Windows on 64 bit Extended systems (AMD 64 and Intel EM 64T )

iSeries (DB2 Version 8 Warehouse Manager)

Documentation FixPaks:
Windows, Linux and UNIX

Tip: Find general information and help downloading DB2 UDB FixPaks, including the Download Director utility, here.

APARs included in Version 8 (sorted by FixPak) are available here: html | text

Note: you may be receiving this document more than once if you have signed up for My Support. This document is updated when an omitted APAR is added to the APAR list.


DB2 Universal Database Version 8.1 for Linux, Windows, or UNIX (any edition). Please refer to the system prerequisite document for detail.

Installation Instructions

Read the FixPak readmes for specific information on applying FixPaks. These files are always found in the same FTP directory as the FixPak code packages.

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)?
Fixpak download landing page 1/30/2006 English 500000000 HTTP

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Information Management DB2 Connect Installation/Migration AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows 2000 8 All Editions, Edition Independent, Enterprise, Personal

Problems (APARS) fixed
GG00247, GG00358, GG01249, GG04482, GG04497, GG04627, GG04633, GG04635, GG04638, GG04642, GG04643, GG04646, GG04647, GG04649, IY62170, IY63347, IY64379, IY65556, IY65950, IY68345, IY69208, IY70394, IY70499, IY71124, IY71260, IY71442, IY71591, IY71683, IY71686, IY71975, IY72029, IY72254, IY76951, IY72290, IY72335, IY72355, IY72378, IY72499, IY72591, IY72770, IY72832, IY72902, IY72943, IY73035, IY73037, IY73056, IY73059, IY73124, IY73145, IY73146, IY73224, IY73249, IY73340, IY73366, IY73415, IY73424, IY73514, IY73558, IY73575, IY73586, IY73650, IY73652, IY73772, IY73843, IY73885, IY73908, IY73953, IY73972, IY73984, IY74110, IY74218, IY74248, IY74311, IY74332, IY74341, IY74406, IY74505, IY74569, IY74574, IY74642, IY74755, IY74762, IY74844, IY74869, IY74882, IY75128, IY75166, IY75208, IY75244, IY75262, IY75348, IY75361, IY75366, IY75411, IY75456, IY75487, IY75560, IY75588, IY75609, IY75671, IY75743, IY75760, IY75761, IY75768, IY75827, IY75853, IY75902, IY75916, IY75918, IY75924, IY76006, IY76029, IY76047, IY76049, IY76120, IY76128, IY76132, IY76178, IY76325, IY76440, IY76461, IY76497, IY76498, IY76503, IY76539, IY76545, IY76570, IY76571, IY76578, IY76615, IY76629, IY76793, IY76806, IY76894, IY76959, IY76973, IY77005, IY77068, IY77123, IY77129, IY77181, IY77186, IY77193, IY77196, IY77333, IY77373, IY77463, IY77469, IY77470, IY77509, IY77521, IY77551, IY77599, IY77656, IY77776, IY77792, IY77802, IY77966, IY78082, IY78176, IY78235, IY78554, IY78623, IY78760, IY78774, IY79000, IY79004, IY79030, IY79045, IY79145, IY79230, IY79298, IY79308, IY79369, IY79508, IY79509, IY79510, IY79576, IY79833, IY79926, IY79977, IY80212, IY80251, IY80829, IY80830, IY80847, IY80921, IY87539, JR06341, JR06376, JR06518, JR06547, JR09102, JR21136, JR21169, JR21183, JR21477, JR21485, JR21590, JR21711, JR21733, JR21737, JR21834, JR21906, JR21908, JR21911, JR21918, JR21920, JR21935, JR21963, JR21966, JR21989, JR22002, JR22018, JR22047, JR22066, JR22080, JR22083, JR22100, JR22115, JR22119, JR22132, JR22140, JR22148, JR22150, JR22164, JR22168, JR22199, JR22200, JR22220, JR22221, JR22224, JR22231, JR22236, JR22252, JR22254, JR22257, JR22259, JR22263, JR22270, JR22282, JR22288, JR22289, JR22304, JR22335, JR22348, JR22350, JR22353, JR22370, JR22374, JR22379, JR22400, JR22401, JR22416, JR22420, JR22424, JR22425, JR22426, JR22430, JR22443, JR22451, JR22490, JR22509, JR22526, JR22588, JR22669, JR22670, JR22714, JR22738, JR22750, JR22759, JR22797, JR22809, JR22810, JR22857, JR22861, JR22916, JR22919, JR22937, JR22949, JR23069, LI70002, LI70004, LI70005, LI70006, LI70009, LI70017, LI70018, LI70019, LI70020, LI70206, LI70608, LI70616, LI70758, LI70768, LI70800, LI70802, LI70808, LI70825, LI70829, LI70832, LI70834, LI70838, LI70845, LI70857, LI70858, LI70902, LI70905, LI70907, LI70909, LI70912, LI70913, LI70915, LI70923, LI70927, LI70929, LI70933, LI70941, LI71016, LI71028, LI71034, LI71035, LI71040, LI71047, LI71050, LI71081, LI71097, IY75912, GG04420, GG04492, GG04493, GG04495, GG04496, GG04504, GG04507, IY40601, IY44229, IY44276, IY44972, IY46110, IY46766, IY47269, IY48074, IY48377, IY48380, IY48436, IY48465, IY48481, IY48601, IY48956, IY49092, IY49690, IY49764, IY49849, IY50047, IY50202, IY50255, IY50337, IY50548, IY50556, IY50646, IY50731, IY50733, IY51427, IY51474, IY51596, IY51793, IY51845, IY51860, IY52003, IY52109, IY52119, IY52138, IY52191, IY52223, IY52265, IY52276, IY52314, IY52387, IY52457, IY52484, IY52555, IY52653, IY52974, IY53080, IY53146, IY53202, IY53326, IY53423, IY53430, IY53650, IY54214, IY54318, IY54320, IY54574, IY54818, IY55090, IY55190, IY55210, IY55212, IY55213, IY55237, IY55251, IY55252, IY55281, IY55288, IY55326, IY55396, IY55496, IY55522, IY55596, IY55788, IY55805, IY55806, IY55921, IY55928, IY56008, IY56190, IY56225, IY56261, IY56277, IY56300, IY56366, IY56388, IY56528, IY56543, IY56611, IY56729, IY56745, IY56771, IY56796, IY56901, IY56920, IY56960, IY56966, IY56968, IY56979, IY57017, IY57090, IY57096, IY57133, IY57155, IY57156, IY57171, IY57175, IY57185, IY57190, IY57294, IY57306, IY57410, IY57417, IY57447, IY57449, IY57465, IY57476, IY57536, IY57584, IY57590, IY57627, IY57634, IY57670, IY57686, IY57717, IY57777, IY57798, IY57807, IY57836, IY57843, IY57848, IY57948, IY57988, IY57992, IY58066, IY58089, IY58133, IY58229, IY58309, IY58349, IY58354, IY58375, IY58431, IY58449, IY58695, IY58704, IY58709, IY58713, IY58913, IY58927, IY58935, IY58944, IY58962, IY59534, IY59567, IY59638, IY59985, IY60219, IY60273, IY60274, IY60364, IY60365, IY60383, IY60384, IY60414, IY60420, IY60421, IY60425, IY60431, IY60436, IY60451, IY60455, IY60460, IY60464, IY60465, IY60467, IY60468, IY60469, IY60479, IY60482, IY60484, IY60489, IY60556, IY60622, IY60716, IY60718, IY60720, IY60721, JR06153, JR17864, JR18024, JR18036, JR18110, JR18315, JR18700, JR18781, JR18866, JR18891, JR18986, JR18988, JR18996, JR19044, JR19056, JR19090, JR19108, JR19123, JR19126, JR19127, JR19146, JR19154, JR19159, JR19183, JR19196, JR19224, JR19283, JR19323, JR19382, JR19409, JR19415, JR19456, JR19486, JR19489, JR19497, JR19501, JR19522, JR19523, JR19538, JR19543, JR19546, JR19575, JR19587, JR19647, JR19760, JR19891, JR19931, JR19938, JR19945, JR19968, JR19980, JR19982, JR19986, JR19989, JR19995, JR20014, JR20023, JR20025, JR20033, JR20039, JR20049, JR20050, JR20067, JR20069, JR20075, JR20100, JR20108, JR20125, JR20127, JR20129, JR20132, JR20138, JR20139, JR20164, JR20169, JR20180, JR20196, JR20212, JR20289, JR21397, JR20292, JR20295, JR20296, JR20297, JR20312, JR20313, JR20315, JR20316, LI70112, LI70209, LI70221, LI70236, LI70280, LI70326, LI70342, LI70345, LI70356, LI70361, LI70379, LI70380, LI70387, LI70392, LI70393, LI70394, LI70436, LI70443, GG04410, GG04464, GG04467, GG04468, GG04469, GG04470, GG04471, GG04472, GG04474, GG04475, GG04476, GG04478, GG04479, GG04480, GG04484, GG04487, GG04490, GG04500, IC40259, IY49004, IY49246, IY50134, IY50477, IY50521, IY50799, IY50817, IY50976, IY51206, IY51207, IY51580, IY51613, IY51620, IY51685, IY51703, IY51704, IY51809, IY51856, IY51911, IY51929, IY51991, IY52119, IY52132, IY52174, IY52190, IY52212, IY52237, IY52254, IY52299, IY52311, IY52447, IY52515, IY52557, IY52587, IY52737, IY52824, IY52826, IY52867, IY52875, IY52921, IY53007, IY53056, IY53071, IY53144, IY53150, IY53167, IY53213, IY53282, IY53294, IY53302, IY53324, IY53434, IY53444, IY53448, IY53526, IY53572, IY53574, IY53575, IY53578, IY53596, IY53621, IY53636, IY53639, IY53643, IY53649, IY53655, IY53671, IY53677, IY53695, IY53698, IY53710, IY53724, IY53772, IY53791, IY53832, IY53839, IY53869, IY53878, IY53909, IY53924, IY53963, IY53966, IY54014, IY54021, IY54051, IY54094, IY54138, IY54148, IY54149, IY54160, IY54198, IY54207, IY54211, IY54300, IY54359, IY54404, IY54431, IY54554, IY54580, IY54604, IY54616, IY54626, IY54629, IY54635, IY54649, IY54727, IY54743, IY54893, IY54894, IY54916, IY54919, IY54925, IY54962, IY54968, IY54987, IY55029, IY55033, IY55041, IY55060, IY55072, IY55078, IY55089, IY55108, IY55150, IY55158, IY55182, IY55210, IY55211, IY55212, IY55213, IY55216, IY55220, IY55223, IY55224, IY55225, IY55226, IY55242, IY55244, IY55248, IY55251, IY55267, IY55274, IY55280, IY55283, IY55284, IY55297, IY55306, IY55327, IY55331, IY55333, IY55339, IY55351, IY55352, IY55353, IY55356, IY55365, IY55389, IY55423, IY55441, IY55445, IY55549, IY55577, IY55712, IY55731, IY55746, IY55773, IY55784, IY55785, IY55826, IY55841, IY55898, IY55906, IY55978, IY56022, IY56106, IY56168, IY56183, IY56278, IY56280, IY56331, IY56355, IY56357, IY56359, IY56362, IY56371, IY56377, IY56414, IY56594, IY56631, IY56639, IY56879, IY57091, IY57332, IY57352, IY57390, IY57392, IY57394, IY57396, IY57400, IY57401, IY57403, IY57474, IY57477, IY57571, IY57583, IY57584, IY57590, IY57592, IY57595, IY57638, IY57773, IY57878, IY58060, IY58159, JR19199, JR19218, JR19327, JR19452, JR19455, JR19505, JR19511, JR19518, JR19519, JR19571, JR19588, JR19608, JR19611, JR19613, JR19618, JR19634, JR19654, JR19657, JR19660, JR19661, JR19662, JR19669, JR19678, JR19690, JR19695, JR19699, JR19706, JR19715, JR19717, JR19727, JR19734, JR19735, JR19743, JR19771, JR19773, JR19774, JR19777, JR19778, JR19795, JR19817, JR19827, JR19830, JR19843, JR19845, JR19848, JR19864, JR19869, JR19872, JR19885, JR19892, JR19915, JR19931, JR19936, JR19956, IY81108, JR19958, JR19969, JR19973, JR19976, JR20071, JR20081, JR20086, JR20109, JR20148, LI70113, LI70166, LI70191, LI70287, LI70288, LI70294, LI70319, LI70320, LI70333, LI70334, LI70335, LI70338, LI70340, LI70346, LI70348, LI70349, LI70358, LI70359, LI70388, LI70391, GG04362, GG04446, GG04447, GG04449, GG04452, GG04454, GG04457, GG04458, GG04459, GG04461, GG04462, IC38604, IY45222, IY45231, IY45277, IY45922, IY46424, IY46958, IY47266, IY47621, IY47935, IY48285, IY48418, IY48465, IY48592, IY48715, IY48739, IY48896, IY49028, IY49080, IY49094, IY49107, IY49170, IY49190, IY49206, IY49231, IY49234, IY49290, IY49344, IY49368, IY49407, IY49450, IY49531, IY49537, IY49564, IY49581, IY49619, IY49631, IY49689, IY49721, IY49744, IY49935, IY49990, IY50020, IY50032, IY50037, IY50064, IY50101, IY50141, IY50203, IY50224, IY50247, IY50250, IY50295, IY50298, IY50403, IY50427, IY50445, IY50512, IY50518, IY50519, IY50527, IY50531, IY50532, IY50534, IY50576, IY50597, IY50650, IY50659, IY50703, IY50746, IY50750, IY50761, IY50818, IY50823, IY50832, IY50835, IY50934, IY50958, IY50964, IY50994, IY51008, IY51012, IY51021, IY51023, IY51027, IY51033, IY51068, IY51114, IY51156, IY51202, IY51225, IY51246, IY51249, IY51253, IY51286, IY51297, IY51322, IY51331, IY51336, IY51349, IY51383, IY51462, IY51485, IY51488, IY51499, IY51522, IY51544, IY51571, IY51581, IY51588, IY51590, IY51629, IY51630, IY51649, IY51682, IY51683, IY51707, IY51720, IY51724, IY51771, IY51830, IY51849, IY51861, IY51878, IY51918, IY51926, IY51928, IY51999, IY52060, IY52069, IY52071, IY52103, IY52178, IY52180, IY52181, IY52221, IY52303, IY52306, IY52309, IY52423, IY52424, IY52441, IY52457, IY52480, IY52482, IY52494, IY52497, IY52508, IY52571, IY52694, IY52703, IY52725, IY52785, IY52788, IY52796, IY52798, IY52815, IY52826, IY52987, IY53069, IY53088, IY53259, IY53281, IY53325, IY53433, IY53456, IY53631, IY53676, IY53729, IY53734, IY53839, IY53845, IY53847, IY53863, IY53894, IY53919, JR05501, JR05503, JR18732, JR18739, JR18875, JR18886, JR18989, JR19000, JR19002, JR19003, JR19057, JR19058, JR19061, JR19077, JR19082, JR19083, JR19089, JR19092, JR19103, JR19104, JR19107, JR19139, JR19148, JR19151, JR19168, JR19192, JR19207, JR19208, JR19211, JR19232, JR19233, JR19245, JR19252, JR19256, JR19260, JR19264, JR19284, JR19291, JR19293, JR19299, JR19300, JR19321, JR19328, JR19338, JR19341, JR19347, JR19352, JR19370, JR19371, JR19381, JR19387, JR19391, JR19436, JR19474, JR19477, JR19478, JR19500, JR19512, JR19513, JR19514, JR19520, JR19521, JR19522, JR19523, JR19548, JR19561, JR19562, JR19577, JR19689, JR19693, LI70030, LI70092, LI70093, LI70223, LI70235, LI70279, LI70281, LI70283, LI70296, LI70297, LI70322, LI70323, PQ82290, IY70811, JR19507, GG04379, GG04387, GG04398, GG04401, GG04402, GG04403, GG04406, GG04408, GG04409, GG04415, GG04418, GG04422, GG04423, GG04426, GG04427, GG04429, GG04430, GG04431, GG04432, GG04433, GG04435, GG04437, GG04439, GG04442, GG04443, IC37830, IY00017, IY35081, IY38147, IY38452, IY40067, IY40734, IY40927, IY41076, IY41105, IY41525, IY41691, IY41840, IY42460, IY42514, IY42517, IY42622, IY42891, IY42942, IY43218, IY43313, IY43315, IY43325, IY43373, IY43550, IY43585, IY43882, IY44249, IY44291, IY44339, IY44489, IY44535, IY44555, IY44560, IY44842, IY44887, IY44938, IY44948, IY44951, IY44982, IY44996, IY45004, IY45054, IY45086, IY45089, IY45202, IY45233, IY45236, IY45258, IY45279, IY45332, IY45417, IY45443, IY45456, IY45508, IY45526, IY45717, IY45757, IY45803, IY45815, IY45873, IY45914, IY45917, IY46064, IY46075, IY46167, IY46296, IY46318, IY46383, IY46423, IY46441, IY46522, IY46557, IY46577, IY46646, IY46722, IY46742, IY46760, IY46828, IY46881, IY46931, IY46939, IY46979, IY46999, IY47042, IY47051, 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