IBM Rational Portfolio Manager Enterprise application connectionPool leakage

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This fix pack resolves the leakage problem that impacted the connectionPool of IBM® Rational® Portfolio Manager Middleware layer

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The following were identified as potential root-causes of the RPM Connection Pool leakage:
- Network shutdown issues: Loss in network connections cause the pool to not recover the connection
- Http connections times-out: Request to RPM database takes long enough to exceed the HTTP time-outs, this also provoke a loss in connection from pool
- The user kills the client (Closes the outputstream): RPM Client crashes inadvertently
- Stored Procedures call doesn't return: Database not responding (under investigation)


A successful installation of Rational Portfolio Manager Application Server version 6.0 and higher.

Installation Instructions

- Download the middleware fix from the RPM Patch location of the IBM Rational Software FTP Site
- ungzip et untar the
- If your are under unix issue the following command:
cp –rf com ${IBMRPM_WAR_HOME}/WEB-INF/classes/
- If your are under unix issue the following command:
copy com %IBMRPM_WAR_HOME%\WEB-INF\classes\

Where IBMRPM_WAR_HOME is the IBMRPM Application Server Home folder

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The com module of RPM Middleware 3/16/2005 English 106199 FTP

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