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May 2005 XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition V7.0 for AIX PTF

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This is the May 2005 XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition V7.0 for AIX PTF

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The following APARs were fixed in this PTF:

IY63207 - IPA hangs while compiling a large loop body
IY64067 - Compiler behaves incorrectly when an invalid option is specified
IY64361 - Exception in putdiag_no_handler() when -O is specified
IY64510 - Unclear error message: "No exported symbols found"
IY64512 - Archive member file not found during IPA link
IY64637 - Error 1540-0257 occurs when inlining is specified in source code
IY64676 - Incorrect output when shared object compiled with -qdatalocal
IY64841 - Option -qpartition=large causes core dump
IY65228 - Performance problem using -qipa with V7 over V6
IY65361 - May 2005 XL C Enterprise Edition V7.0 for AIX PTF
IY65362 - May 2005 XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition V7.0 for AIX PTF
IY65367 - May 2005 XL MASS Library 4.1.0 PTF
IY65526 - extern "C" function in a namespace not marked as friend
IY65567 - Internal compiler error during object instantiation
IY66097 - Internal compiler error: signal 11 in ipa
IY66283 - Internal compiler error in xlCcode
IY66384 - Internal compiler error when __typeof is used
IY66458 - Erroneous array index out of bounds diagnostics
IY66470 - Erroneous memory fault during switch evaluation
IY66690 - Internal compiler error while processing a big char array
IY67314 - Incorrect diagnostics of template data type mismatch
IY67378 - Internal compiler error with -g
IY67389 - Incorrect handling of a qualified template return type
IY67879 - Segmentation fault in ipa
IY68003 - Inadequate error message for templatized return types
IY68609 - Compile-time performance degradation
IY68856 - omp_get_num_procs spawns unsafe threads
IY68867 - Core dump while accessing large 2D array in 64-bit mode
IY69222 - Fatal error in xlCentry: signal 11 received
IY69299 - Warning messages emited for a viable template candidate
IY69527 - Options -qipa and -q64 result in incorrect code for a while loop
IY69540 - Incorrect output with -D_LARGE_FILES
IY69932 - Compiler generates incorrect code when -qlanglvl=ansi is used
IY70421 - Floating-point precision incorrect when -O is used
IY70426 - __unix predefined macro prevents parts of STL from compiling
IY70427 - abs(long) not implemented in cstdlib header file
IY70430 - Erroneous error message for split namespace template declaration
IY70431 - Internal compiler error with nested class templates
IY70432 - Internal compiler error in xlCentry (out of memory)
IY70433 - Internal compiler error when expat.h is included
IY70434 - Extraneous unnamed block cause debugger to step incorrectly
IY70435 - -qtmplparse error: dependant call gives erroneous error message
IY70436 - Internal compiler error in xlCentry at NOOPT
IY70437 - Member of partial class specialization not instantiated
IY70438 - Optimization results in incorrect output
IY70439 - Incorrect output when dynamic_cast is used
IY70440 - Incorrect warning message: "Subscript is less than 0"
IY70441 - Internal compiler error when -qinline used
IY70442 - Inconsistent treatment of extern declarations of class members
IY70443 - Default argument processed incorrectly
IY70444 - Incorrect error messages when deleting pointer to const object
IY70445 - Internal compiler error while processing template specialization
IY70447 - Inappropriate warning with -qwarn64 and INT_MAX
IY70448 - Template code with non-inline members results in link error
IY70450 - Compiler emits error message for valid template code
IY70452 - Compiler incorrectly emits error 1540-0251 for a valid construct
IY70615 - Error 1501-225: unable to create temporary file
IY71976 - May 2005 XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition V7 for AIX Runtime Environment Component

The following filesets are included in this PTF:
(filesets that have changed since the last PTF have an asterisk after the name)

memdbg.adt. *
memdbg.aix50.adt. *
vac.C. *
vac.aix50.lib. * * *
vac.msg.EN_US.C. *
vac.msg.JA_JP.C. *
vac.msg.Ja_JP.C. *
vac.msg.ZH_CN.C. *
vac.msg.en_US.C. *
vac.msg.ja_JP.C. *
vac.msg.zh_CN.C. *
vac.ndi. *
vacpp.cmp.core. *
vacpp.cmp.include. * * * *
vacpp.msg.EN_US.cmp.core. *
vacpp.msg.en_US.cmp.core. *
vacpp.ndi. *
xlC.aix50.rte. *
xlmass.aix51.lib. *
xlsmp.aix50.rte. *
xlsmp.msg.EN_US.rte. *
xlsmp.msg.en_US.rte. *
xlsmp.rte. *


AIX 5.1:
1. bos.rte.bind_cmds at or higher.
2. Bos.rte.libpthreads at or higher.
3. bos.rte.libc at or higher.
4. bos.adt.include at or higher.

AIX 5.2:
1. bos.rte.libc at or higher.
2. bos.adt.include at or higher.

AIX 5.3:
1. bos.rte.libc at or higher.
2. bos.adt.include at or higher.

These filesets can be downloaded from Fix Central:

Installation Instructions

The recommended method of installing the PTF is as follows:

1. Download the package below.
2. Uncompress and untar the downloaded package into a new directory:
2a. To uncompress the file, use: uncompress vacpp.70.aix.may2005.ptf.tar.Z
2b. To untar the resulting file, use: tar -xvf vacpp.70.aix.may2005.ptf.tar
3. Delete the .toc file in the download directory, if it exists.
4. Use 'smit update_all' to go the appropriate installation screen in SMIT (must be logged in as root).
5. Install the filesets:
5a. Specify the download directory location.
5b. Modify the options to suit your needs.
5c. The install log will be written to $HOME/smit.log

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
vacpp.70.aix.may2005.ptf.tar.Z 5/31/2005 English 67125835 FTP
README 5/31/2005 English 31599 FTP
README.ja_JP 5/31/2005 Japanese 31988 FTP
README.zh_CN 5/31/2005 Traditional Chinese 22610 FTP

Technical support

This PTF requires new operating system support that is not yet available in the PASE environment under OS/400. Do not install this PTF if you are using the compiler in the PASE environment under OS/400.

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Software Development XL C/C++ for AIX Downloads AIX 7.0 Enterprise

Problems (APARS) fixed
IY61738, IY61984, IY62130, IY62309, IY62653, IY63005, IY63128, IY63162, IY63207, IY64067, IY64361, IY64480, IY64510, IY64512, IY64637, IY64676, IY64841, IY64854, IY64858, IY64860, IY64861, IY64862, IY64863, IY64864, IY64866, IY64867, IY64869, IY64870, IY64871, IY64872, IY64874, IY64875, IY64881, IY64883, IY64922, IY65013, IY65228, IY65361, IY65362, IY65367, IY65526, IY65567, IY66097, IY66283, IY66384, IY66458, IY66470, IY66690, IY67314, IY67378, IY67389, IY67879, IY68003, IY68609, IY68856, IY68867, IY69222, IY69299, IY69527, IY69540, IY69932, IY70421, IY70426, IY70427, IY70430, IY70431, IY70432, IY70433, IY70434, IY70435, IY70436, IY70437, IY70438, IY70439, IY70440, IY70441, IY70442, IY70443, IY70444, IY70445, IY70447, IY70448, IY70450, IY70452, IY70615, IY71976

Document information

More support for: XL C/C++

Software version: 7.0

Operating system(s): AIX

Software edition: Enterprise Edition

Reference #: 4009787

Modified date: 31 May 2005

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