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CC03: CICS JCA resource adapters for use with JEE application servers

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The CICS JCA resource adapters are provided, in order to support connectivity from JEE application servers to CICS using the facilities of the CICS Transaction Gateway.

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The latest service levels of the CICS Transaction Gateway (CICS TG) Java Enterprise Edition Connector Architecture (JCA) resource adapters for CICS TG* are available for download for deployment into supported Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) application servers. These resource adapters can be used to provide JCA connectivity into CICS using the facilities of a licensed CICS TG installation, and are designed around the JCA specification as supported by JEE application servers such as WebSphere Application Server and Oracle Weblogic Server.

*For CICS TG V9.1 or later, a separate SDK is available for download which offers the relevant JCA resource adapters. Refer to this CICSdev community page.

For compatibility reasons, connectivity from the CICS JCA resource adapters to a remote CICS TG is only supported, if the remote CICS TG is at the same or higher release level than the version of the JCA resource adapter. The version of the resource adapters is listed in the <resourceadapter-version> element in the ra.xml file, supplied with the resource adapter package.

For details of resource adapters compatible with a given JEE application server, refer to Supported Software for CICS Transaction Gateway products.

Possible uses
This package can be used to obtain the latest service levels of the CICS JCA resource adapters. It can also be used to obtain earlier resource adapter levels to support interoperability with specific JEE application servers.

Skill level required
It is recommended that a System Administrator install and configure this package.

New in this release (6.0):
The resource adapters for the following out-of-support releases have been removed:

  • CICS TG (all variants) V7.2
  • CICS TG (all variants) V8.0

The resource adapters for the following in-service releases have been updated:
  • CICS TG for Multiplatforms V8.1 updated to
  • CICS TG for z/OS V8.1 updated to UI36407
  • CICS TG for Multiplatforms V9.0 updated to
  • CICS TG for z/OS V9.0 updated to UI44424

For more details on how to utilize the JCA to integrate your JEE and CICS applications refer to the IBM whitepaper Integrating WebSphere Application Server and CICS using the JCA (G224-7218).

Extended Support Criteria
Customers with a support contract for IBM WebSphere Application Server V7.0, which extends beyond April 30, 2016, and a supported release of CICS TG, V8.1 or later, can receive Problem Management Record (PMR) support from IBM for solutions that use CICS TG V8.0 resource adapter in remote mode. When the WebSphere Application Server V7.0 support contract expires, or the WebSphere Application Server V7.0 product reaches end-of-service, then this exception case is no longer valid.

Author: Abel Palaty, CICS TG Development, India Software Development Lab.
Category: 3
Released: 02Mar05
Last Updated: 16Aug17
Current Version: 6.0


A licensed installation of CICS Transaction Gateway at a supported version, and
a supported JEE Application Server.

Installation Instructions

Instructions on installing and configuring the JEE Resource Adapters can be found in the CICS Transaction Gateway Administration guides as part of the Configuration chapter.

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Technical support

This package is available at no charge to users of CICS products. It is supplied under the standard terms and conditions contained in the IBM International Program License Agreement (IPLA) and provide for defect correction, until a date when service is discontinued. Please read the license file that accompanies the package, to determine if you want to use it.

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CICSTG CICS TG CICS Transaction Gateway JEE J2EE

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More support for: CICS Transaction Gateway

Software version: 8.1, 9.0, 9.1, 9.2

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Platform Independent, Solaris, Windows, z/OS

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 4008817

Modified date: 06 February 2015

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