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The Web Administration package provides the scripts and instructions for allowing remote Web browser access to administration functions for Communications Server for Linux.

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This release of the Communications Server for Linux Web Administration v7.0.0.2 package is in support of the Communications Server for Data Center Deployment. This release also supports the Communications Server for Linux, Communications Server for Linux on System z v6.4.0 (Intel, System p and System z). It contains the following enhancements over the previous versions:
- New Domain panel containing displays of domain totals, domain resources and domain status.
- Diagnostic display of Provision Manager log files, if they are present
- Diagnostic display of SNA process version files (snawhat)
- Dual access configuration, one for Web Admin and one for Query Admin
- Provides different level of access, Web Admin has a Read/Write capability,
Query Admin provides only Read access (no ability to start/stop SNA resources)

- Package Contents:

- ibm-commserver-webadmin-
- installibmcsweb

- Capabilities

The version provides two methods to access the Web displays presented by the Web Admin or the Query Admin paths for this package. The Web Admin gives access to administrators that allow the SNA server processes, links, and PUs to be managed. The Query Admin provides very similar paths to the query and status functions, but only allows Read access. You can direct administrators to access the Web Admin path, and more general audiences to access the Query Admin path.

The version also provides an install script that directs the installation and assists in configuration of the Web Admin, Query Admin or both access methods. This new level will support Apache 2.2 and Apache 2.4 levels (both are shipped with the RedHat and SuSE Enterprise Linux server distributions).

Using a Web server, like Apache, this package provides remote access to the administration functions such as query, status, start and stop which you normally find on the Motif-based xsnaadmin GUI. This package is particularly useful in providing the Linux on System z user with a secure and safe method for remote administration of the Communications Server on Linux resources. The same package will run on Intel and System p platforms which are supported by the Communication Server for Linux.

This package uses Perl-CGI and Perl scripts to execute the administration functions. Almost all Web browsers work well with this package. There are no browser dependencies for Java as in other Web Administration packages. Web browser Netscape V4.7 and prior releases do not work with this package. This package is English only.

The functions provide access to resources controlled in Node and Domain, Connections, Host Resources, TN3270E Server, APPC, APPN, Domain, Query, Status and Diagnostic panels. With these Web interfaces, you can query any resource on the node or get status of sessions, links, LUs and node conditions.

The Web Admin pages provide the interfaces to display link, PU and node conditions. You can start or stop the node, links and PUs as needed. The Query Admin pages provide only displays of these resources.

Remote access is protected by User ID and password authentication configured by the administrator. The new install script will place the default configuration files into the appropriate configuration directories for Apache, depending on Apache level. Configuration requires additions to the sudoers configuration file , /etc/sudoers , and optionally updating the web server main pages to link to the CS Linux Web Administration package.


- Apache (shipped with most Linux distributions)
- perl-CGI package
- sudo / sudoer package

Installation Instructions

Follow the instructions in the README.html provided in the package. The README is also available on the ftp site for package.

WebAdmin README English 37475
QueryAdmin README English 35966

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CS Linux WebAdminQuery package 20 Sep 2017 English 90403 FTP

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Networking Communications Server for Linux 6.4,
Networking Communications Server for Data Center Deployment All Linux All Editions

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More support for: Communications Server for Linux on zSeries

Software version: 6.4,

Operating system(s): Linux

Reference #: 4008320

Modified date: 11 December 2008

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