DB2 UDB Version 8 FixPak 7b

Downloadable files


DB2 UDB FixPaks are general FixPaks that can be applied on all DB2 UDB products (including DB2 Connect) for all supported platforms.

Download Description

DB2 Universal Database Version 8 FixPak 7b packages (including alternate and documentation FixPaks) are available from the following site:


Please note that FixPak 7b is replacing FixPak 7 as it contains fixes for recently reported security issues.

Click on the following links to download the DB2 UDB V8 FixPak 7b packages from Fix Central:

- DB2 for AIX 4.3.3, 32-bit (U498349)
- DB2 for AIX 5__, 32-bit & 64-bit (U498350)

- DB2 for Linux (x86, 32-bit, 2.4)____{linuxia32} (MI00126)
- DB2 for Linux (IA64, 64-bit)________{linuxia64} (MI00127)
- DB2 for Linux (iSeries, pSeries)___{linuxppc64} (MI00137)
- DB2 for Linux (AMD64, 64-bit)_______{linuxx64} (MI00128)
- DB2 for Linux (S/390 zSeries,31bit)__{linux390} (MI00129)
- DB2 for Linux (S/390,zSeries,64bit){linux39064} (MI00130)

- DB2 for Solaris Operating Environment 32 & 64-bit {sun} (U803794)

- DB2 for HP-UX 11i 32 & 64-bit {hppa} (U803797)

- DB2 for Windows 32-bit (Windows 98,ME,XP,2000,2003, NT 4.0) {nt32} (WR21358)
- DB2 for Windows 64-bit (Windows 2003, Windows XP) {ntia64} (WR21359)

DB2 UDB FixPaks are general FixPaks that can be applied on all DB2 UDB products (including DB2 Connect) for all supported platforms with the exception of Windows platforms. Starting with DB2 UDB V8 for Windows FixPak 3, IBM is providing product-specific FixPaks instead of one general FixPak. This change only affects DB2 UDB V8 products on Windows platforms.

*Please note: you may be receiving this document more than once if you have signed up for My Support. This document is updated when an omitted APAR is added to the APAR list.


DB2 Universal Database Version 8.1 for Linux, Windows, or UNIX (any edition)

Installation Instructions

Read the FixPak readmes for specific information on applying FixPaks. These files are always found in the same FTP directory as the FixPak code packages.

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
DB2 Version 8 FixPak 7a 9/24/2004 Language Independent 800000000 HTTP

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Information Management DB2 Connect Installation/Migration

Problems (APARS) fixed
GG04420, GG04492, GG04493, GG04495, GG04496, GG04504, GG04507, IY40601, IY44229, IY44276, IY44972, IY46110, IY46766, IY47269, IY48074, IY48377, IY48380, IY48436, IY48465, IY48481, IY48601, IY48956, IY49092, IY49690, IY49764, IY49849, IY50047, IY50202, IY50255, IY50337, IY50548, IY50556, IY50646, IY50731, IY50733, IY51427, IY51474, IY51596, IY51793, IY51845, IY51860, IY52003, IY52109, IY52119, IY52138, IY52191, IY52223, IY52265, IY52276, IY52314, IY52387, IY52457, IY52484, IY52555, IY52653, IY52974, IY53080, IY53146, IY53202, IY53326, IY53423, IY53430, IY53650, IY54214, IY54318, IY54320, IY54574, IY54818, IY55090, IY55190, IY55210, IY55212, IY55213, IY55237, IY55251, IY55252, IY55281, IY55288, IY55326, IY55396, IY55496, IY55522, IY55596, IY55788, IY55805, IY55806, IY55921, IY55928, IY56008, IY56190, IY56225, IY56261, IY56277, IY56300, IY56366, IY56388, IY56528, IY56543, IY56611, IY56729, IY56745, IY56771, IY56796, IY56901, IY56920, IY56960, IY56966, IY56968, IY56979, IY57017, IY57090, IY57096, IY57133, IY57155, IY57156, IY57171, IY57175, IY57185, IY57190, IY57294, IY57306, IY57410, IY57417, IY57447, IY57449, IY57465, IY57476, IY57536, IY57584, IY57590, IY57627, IY57634, IY57670, IY57686, IY57717, IY57777, IY57798, IY57807, IY57836, IY57843, IY57848, IY57948, IY57988, IY57992, IY58066, IY58089, IY58133, IY58229, IY58309, IY58349, IY58354, IY58375, IY58431, IY58449, IY58695, IY58704, IY58709, IY58713, IY58913, IY58927, IY58935, IY58944, IY58962, IY59534, IY59567, IY59638, IY59985, IY60219, IY60273, IY60274, IY60364, IY60365, IY60383, IY60384, IY60414, IY60420, IY60421, IY60425, IY60431, IY60436, IY60451, IY60455, IY60460, IY60464, IY60465, IY60467, IY60468, IY60469, IY60479, IY60482, IY60484, IY60489, IY60556, IY60622, IY60716, IY60718, IY60720, IY60721, JR06153, JR17864, JR18024, JR18036, JR18110, JR18315, JR18700, JR18781, JR18866, JR18891, JR18986, JR18988, JR18996, JR19044, JR19056, JR19090, JR19108, JR19123, JR19126, JR19127, JR19146, JR19154, JR19159, JR19183, JR19196, JR19224, JR19283, JR19323, JR19382, JR19409, JR19415, JR19456, JR19486, JR19489, JR19497, JR19501, JR19522, JR19523, JR19538, JR19543, JR19546, JR19575, JR19587, JR19647, JR19760, JR19891, JR19931, JR19938, JR19945, JR19968, JR19980, JR19982, JR19986, JR19989, JR19995, JR20014, JR20023, JR20025, JR20033, JR20039, JR20049, JR20050, JR20067, JR20069, JR20075, JR20100, JR20108, JR20125, JR20127, JR20129, JR20132, JR20138, JR20139, JR20164, JR20169, JR20180, JR20196, JR20212, JR20289, JR20292, JR20295, JR20296, JR20297, JR20312, JR20313, JR20315, JR20316, LI70112, LI70209, LI70221, LI70236, LI70280, LI70326, LI70342, LI70345, LI70356, LI70361, LI70379, LI70380, LI70387, LI70392, LI70393, LI70394, LI70436, LI70443, GG04410, GG04464, GG04467, GG04468, GG04469, GG04470, GG04471, GG04472, GG04474, GG04475, GG04476, GG04478, GG04479, GG04480, GG04484, GG04487, GG04490, GG04500, IC40259, IY49004, IY49246, IY50134, IY50477, IY50521, IY50799, IY50817, IY50976, IY51206, IY51207, IY51580, IY51613, IY51620, IY51685, IY51703, IY51704, IY51809, IY51856, IY51911, IY51929, IY51991, IY52119, IY52132, IY52174, IY52190, IY52212, IY52237, IY52254, IY52299, IY52311, IY52447, IY52515, IY52557, IY52587, IY52737, IY52824, IY52826, IY52867, IY52875, IY52921, IY53007, IY53056, IY53071, IY53144, IY53150, IY53167, IY53213, IY53282, IY53294, IY53302, IY53324, IY53434, IY53444, IY53448, IY53526, IY53572, IY53574, IY53575, IY53578, IY53596, IY53621, IY53636, IY53639, IY53643, IY53649, IY53655, IY53671, IY53677, IY53695, IY53698, IY53710, IY53724, IY53772, IY53791, IY53832, IY53839, IY53869, IY53878, IY53909, IY53924, IY53963, IY53966, IY54014, IY54021, IY54051, IY54094, IY54138, IY54148, IY54149, IY54160, IY54198, IY54207, IY54211, IY54300, IY54359, IY54404, IY54431, IY54554, IY54580, IY54604, IY54616, IY54626, IY54629, IY54635, IY54649, IY54727, IY54743, IY54893, IY54894, IY54916, IY54919, IY54925, IY54962, IY54968, IY54987, IY55029, IY55033, IY55041, IY55060, IY55072, IY55078, IY55089, IY55108, IY55150, IY55158, IY55182, IY55210, IY55211, IY55212, IY55213, IY55216, IY55220, IY55223, IY55224, IY55225, IY55226, IY55242, IY55244, IY55248, IY55251, IY55267, IY55274, IY55280, IY55283, IY55284, IY55297, IY55306, IY55327, IY55331, IY55333, IY55339, IY55351, IY55352, IY55353, IY55356, IY55365, IY55389, IY55423, IY55441, IY55445, IY55549, IY55577, IY55712, IY55731, IY55746, IY55773, IY55784, IY55785, IY55826, IY55841, IY55898, IY55906, IY55978, IY56022, IY56106, IY56168, IY56183, IY56278, IY56280, IY56331, IY56355, IY56357, IY56359, IY56362, IY56371, IY56377, IY56414, IY56594, IY56631, IY56639, IY56879, IY57091, IY57332, IY57352, IY57390, IY57392, IY57394, IY57396, IY57400, IY57401, IY57403, IY57474, IY57477, IY57571, IY57583, IY57584, IY57590, IY57592, IY57595, IY57638, IY57773, IY57878, IY58060, IY58159, JR19199, JR19218, JR19327, JR19452, JR19455, JR19505, JR19511, JR19518, JR19519, JR19571, JR19588, JR19608, JR19611, JR19613, JR19618, JR19634, JR19654, JR19657, JR19660, JR19661, JR19662, JR19669, JR19678, JR19690, JR19695, JR19699, JR19706, JR19715, JR19717, JR19727, JR19734, JR19735, JR19743, JR19771, JR19773, JR19774, JR19777, JR19778, JR19795, JR19817, JR19827, JR19830, JR19843, JR19845, JR19848, JR19864, JR19869, JR19872, JR19885, JR19892, JR19915, JR19931, JR19936, JR19956, JR19958, JR19969, JR19973, JR19976, JR20071, JR20081, JR20086, JR20109, JR20148, LI70113, LI70166, LI70191, LI70287, LI70288, LI70294, LI70319, LI70320, LI70333, LI70334, LI70335, LI70338, LI70340, LI70346, LI70348, LI70349, LI70358, LI70359, LI70388, LI70391, GG04362, GG04446, GG04447, GG04449, GG04452, GG04454, GG04457, GG04458, GG04459, GG04461, GG04462, IC38604, IY45222, IY45231, IY45277, IY45922, IY46424, IY46958, IY47266, IY47621, IY47935, IY48285, IY48418, IY48465, IY48592, IY48715, IY48739, IY48896, IY49028, IY49080, IY49094, IY49107, IY49170, IY49190, IY49206, IY49231, IY49234, IY49290, IY49344, IY49368, IY49407, IY49450, IY49531, IY49537, IY49564, IY49581, IY49619, IY49631, IY49689, IY49721, IY49744, IY49935, IY49990, IY50020, IY50032, IY50037, IY50064, IY50101, IY50141, IY50203, IY50224, IY50247, IY50250, IY50295, IY50298, IY50403, IY50427, IY50445, IY50512, IY50518, IY50519, IY50527, IY50531, IY50532, IY50534, IY50576, IY50597, IY50650, IY50659, IY50703, IY50746, IY50750, IY50761, IY50818, IY50823, IY50832, IY50835, IY50934, IY50958, IY50964, IY50994, IY51008, IY51012, IY51021, IY51023, IY51027, IY51033, IY51068, IY51114, IY51156, IY51202, IY51225, IY51246, IY51249, IY51253, IY51286, IY51297, IY51322, IY51331, IY51336, IY51349, IY51383, IY51462, IY51485, IY51488, IY51499, IY51522, IY51544, IY51571, IY51581, IY51588, IY51590, IY51629, IY51630, IY51649, IY51682, IY51683, IY51707, IY51720, IY51724, IY51771, IY51830, IY51849, IY51861, IY51878, IY51918, IY51926, IY51928, IY51999, IY52060, IY52069, IY52071, IY52103, IY52178, IY52180, IY52181, IY52221, IY52303, IY52306, IY52309, IY52423, IY52424, IY52441, IY52457, IY52480, IY52482, IY52494, IY52497, IY52508, IY52571, IY52694, IY52703, IY52725, IY52785, IY52788, IY52796, IY52798, IY52815, IY52826, IY52987, IY53069, IY53088, IY53259, IY53281, IY53325, IY53433, IY53456, IY53631, IY53676, IY53729, IY53734, IY53839, IY53845, IY53847, IY53863, IY53894, IY53919, JR05501, JR05503, JR18732, JR18739, JR18875, JR18886, JR18989, JR19000, JR19002, JR19003, JR19057, JR19058, JR19061, JR19077, JR19082, JR19083, JR19089, JR19092, JR19103, JR19104, JR19107, JR19139, JR19148, JR19151, JR19168, JR19192, JR19207, JR19208, JR19211, JR19232, JR19233, JR19245, JR19252, JR19256, JR19260, JR19264, JR19284, JR19291, JR19293, JR19299, JR19300, JR19321, JR19328, JR19338, JR19341, JR19347, JR19352, JR19370, JR19371, JR19381, JR19387, JR19391, JR19436, JR19474, JR19477, JR19478, JR19500, JR19512, JR19513, JR19514, JR19520, JR19521, JR19522, JR19523, JR19548, JR19561, JR19562, JR19577, JR19689, JR19693, LI70030, LI70092, LI70093, LI70223, LI70235, LI70279, LI70281, LI70283, LI70296, LI70297, LI70322, LI70323, PQ82290, JR19507, GG04379, GG04387, GG04398, GG04401, GG04402, GG04403, GG04406, GG04408, GG04409, GG04415, GG04418, GG04422, GG04423, GG04426, GG04427, GG04429, GG04430, GG04431, GG04432, GG04433, GG04435, GG04437, GG04439, GG04442, GG04443, IC37830, IY00017, IY35081, IY38147, IY38452, IY40067, IY40734, IY40927, IY41076, IY41105, IY41525, IY41691, IY41840, IY42460, IY42514, IY42517, IY42622, IY42891, IY42942, IY43218, IY43313, IY43315, IY43325, IY43373, IY43550, IY43585, IY43882, IY44249, IY44291, IY44339, IY44489, IY44535, IY44555, IY44560, IY44842, IY44887, IY44938, IY44948, IY44951, IY44982, IY44996, IY45004, IY45054, IY45086, IY45089, IY45202, IY45233, IY45236, IY45258, IY45279, IY45332, IY45417, IY45443, IY45456, IY45508, IY45526, IY45717, IY45757, IY45803, IY45815, IY45873, IY45914, IY45917, IY46064, IY46075, IY46167, IY46296, IY46318, IY46383, IY46423, IY46441, IY46522, IY46557, IY46577, IY46646, IY46722, IY46742, IY46760, IY46828, IY46881, IY46931, IY46939, IY46979, IY46999, 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JR17946, JR18008, JR18148, JR18231, JR18235, JR18240, JR18307, JR18371, JR18388, JR18396, JR18415, JR18427, JR18454, JR18480, JR18514, JR18533, JR18537, JR18567, JR18568, JR18592, JR18598, JR18599, JR18613, JR18629, JR18631, JR18667, JR18681, JR18686, JR18701, JR18712, JR18721, JR18722, JR18731, JR18733, JR18746, JR18747, JR18763, JR18774, JR18787, JR18810, JR18811, JR18812, JR18834, JR18838, JR18839, JR18851, JR18852, JR18858, JR18873, JR18878, JR18901, JR18912, JR18928, JR18929, JR18933, JR18935, JR18940, JR18944, JR18946, JR18954, JR18963, JR18981, JR18987, JR18997, JR19006, JR19009, JR19016, JR19028, JR19037, JR19040, JR19043, JR19050, JR19051, JR19052, JR19053, JR19060, JR19064, JR19119, JR19120, JR19121, JR19123, JR19124, JR19125, JR19126, JR19127, JR19128, JR19129, JR19130, JR19131, JR19142, JR19145, JR19146, JR19147, JR19156, JR19267, JR19268, JR19359, JR20264, LI70001, LI70029, LI70170, LI70197, LI70198, LI70201, LI70202, LI70204, LI70205, LI70212, LI70214, LI70216, LI70218, LI70219, LI70224, LI70225, LI70226, LI70234, LI70237, LI70239, LI70278, LI70282, PQ74663, PQ75324

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