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WITHDRAWN: MD08: WebSphere MQ - Network Design Notation

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This introduces WebSphere MQ and WebSphere BI Message Broker design notations based on UML 2.0 enabling BI Architects and Developers to more easily describe messaging design.

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Architecting WMQ and related products requires special symbols that describe the architecture in more meaningful ways. The majority of WMQ and WBIMB practitioners typically devise their own notations when designing and documenting their WMQ-based solutions. Acceptance of the notations described here will hopefully provide a much needed standard.

Please note that the notations presented here are an enrichment and extension of version 1.0 of MD08. The new notations are extended to provide more WMQ design granularity and to account for Message Broker specific requirements as well as Enterprise Service Bus needs based on a Message Oriented Middleware (MoM).

The symbols provided in this notation can be used to represent the static relationships between applications, queues and queue managers. The notation accommodates various network features, such as:
» local, remote, alias, transmission and shared queues
» queue manager clusters
» queue sharing groups (z/OS)
» high availability configurations; resource groups, entry points and failover modes
» messaging sub-networks and message-based interfaces
» message broker topology designs
» message flow and message set detail designs
» other software components, such as WebSphere Application Servers.

No advanced skill is required - this notation aims to make WebSphere MQ and WebSphere BI Message Broker more accessible to new users.

Author: Arunava Majumdar & Guy Hochstetler, Software Services for WebSphere, USA
Category: 2
Released: 12Aug02
Last Updated: 29Apr05
Current Version: 2.0
»Please note that the version number shown in the right-hand pane is the version of the MQ or WBI product that this SupportPac applies to. The date is the last webpage refresh.

» The notations are now based on UML 2.0 and include notations representing WebSphere BI Message Broker objects.


Visio 2003

Installation Instructions

To use the Visio stencil copy it to “My Documents --> My Shapes”, and you will be able to access from within Visio 2003 by select “File --> Shapes --> My Shapes”.

Also, to better understand the use of the many notations, please read the related document.

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