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IBM Softcopy Reader for Linux V3.7

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The IBM Softcopy Reader is a Java-based online documentation reader and organizer made up of two programs, the Book Reader and the Shelf Organizer.

Download Description

Book Reader allows you to open softcopy books created with one of the IBM BookManager® Build programs. You can: view, search and navigate through books, create notes, and copy and print text. Shelf Organizer allows you to specify the location (paths) of all of the books, PDFs (for use with extended shelves), and shelves you want to view or search. You can specify the paths of the books, PDFs (for use with extended shelves), and shelves on any storage devices that can be attached to your system.

Starting with Softcopy Reader V3.6, Shelf Organizer supports Quick Searching indexed extended shelves of PDFs.

The IBM Softcopy Reader download file contains both the Book Reader and the Shelf Organizer applications. Both of these applications are installed/uninstalled in tandem.


RedHat Linux 9.0 or later, with Sun Java Runtime Environment Version 1.4.1_01 or later (if Softcopy Reader is installed on a 64-bit system, it is important to note that only 32-bit Java is supported)

Version 5 of globc++ is required. IBM Softcopy Reader for Linux V3.7 will not work with version 6.

Installation Instructions

- Create a directory
- Download the ilrjava.tar file into this directory
- Change to this new directory, and type the following at the command line to extract the files: tar -zxvpf ilrjaval.tgz
- See the Release Notes (slinread.txt) for an explanation of how to run the product.

- You can also open books in the Book Reader from within the Shelf Organizer.

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
Softcopy Reader for Linux V3.7 6/29/2007 US English 32094917 FTP
Release Notes 6/29/2007 US English 16536 FTP

Document information

More support for: BookManager Product Family
Softcopy Reader

Software version: 3.7

Operating system(s): Linux

Reference #: 4000251

Modified date: 28 March 2005

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