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BookManager Index Utility for Windows

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This utility provides the capability to create a bookshelf index for your own customized bookshelves.

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All BookManager books contain an index of all of the words in the book. This book index is stored inside each book file, and is used when searching for a text within a book. It is what allows BookManager to quickly locate information for you. However, when you want to do a search for information that may reside anywhere in a bookshelf, a second type of index is used -- a bookshelf index. The bookshelf index is an accumulation of all of the book-level indexes from all of the books on the bookshelf.

If you have a bookshelf index, searching across the bookshelf for a text string is very fast, because BookManager only has to look through this one index file for the information. Without a bookshelf index, each book being searched must be opened and its own book index searched for the text string. While searching an unindexed bookshelf is still effective, performance is considerably slower than searching the index for the same shelf.

When IBM ships books to you which are already organized into bookshelves, it includes the bookshelf index. However, BookManager provides the capability for customers to create their own bookshelves. Therefore, we provide the Index Utility to create a bookshelf index for your own customized bookshelf (BKS) files.

A bookshelf index created for a BookManager bookshelf (BKS) may also be used to facilitate searching indexed BookManager Book (or equivalent indexed Adobe PDF) documents present in an extended shelf (XKS).

The BookManager Index Utility is a free tool, which can be copied within your organization. In addition to the Windows version, it is also available for the VM, and MVS platforms. The VM and MVS versions are shipped with the mainframe products. The Windows version is shipped with the BookManager BUILD for Windows product, or can be downloaded from this website.

For a list of the problems fixed in this and all previous service levels - download the file containing the list of what's fixed.

NEW: Fix available for running the Index Utility on Windows XP with Service Pak 2 or higher. Download the update below.


Before installing this product check to see that the following hardware and software resources are available:

- A system running the Windows XP operating system
- 4MB of RAM in addition to that required by the operating system
- 5MB of hard-disk drive storage in addition to that required by the operating system

Installation Instructions

Click on the Index Utility self-extracting file. The Save As window will open.
Select a drive and folder on your system to download the IBM BookManager Index Utility for Windows installation file, then click Save. The file will be downloaded to this drive and folder on your system.
Click on the Windows Start button. The Start menu should appear.
Select the Run option. The Run window should appear.
In the Run window, click on Browse.
When the Browse window opens, select the drive and folder where you saved the file, then highlight the \IndexW22\setup.exe file and click on Open. The correct path to the install file should be displayed in the Run window.
Click on OK. A window will open asking: "This self-extracting executable will install the IBM BookManager Index Utility for Windows. Continue?" Click "Yes" and follow the instructions on the Installation window.

To Run the BookManager Index Utility for Windows:
From a DOS-Command prompt, change directories to that which you installed the Index Utility. Type INDEX32 for the help panel. (ie C:\>Program Files\IBM\IBM BookManager\INDEX32).

Fix for running the Index Utility on Windows XP with Service Pak 2 or higher.
See the WinXP_Update Readme file for installation instructions and what files to backup prior to installing the fix for running the Index Utility on Windows XP with Service Pak 2 or higher.

Prerequisites: You must have the IBM BookManager Index Utility for Windows installed prior to installing the fix.

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Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
BkMgr Index Utility for Windows 15 Nov 2001 English 1232000 FTP
List of what's fixed 11/15/2001 English 1000 FTP
Windows XP Update 10/18/2010 English 119342 FTP
WinXP_Update Readme 10/18/2010 English 2047 FTP

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Index Utility

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Software version: 2.2

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 4000231

Modified date: 2010-10-18