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System requirements for IBM Connections Cloud



What are the system requirements for IBM Connections Cloud?



Supported browsers


  • Google Chrome Current (non-beta)
  • Firefox Current (non-beta) or Mozilla Firefox ESR
  • Apple Safari 8 (except IBM Verse), 9,10,11
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (except Orient Me)
  • Microsoft Edge (except Chat and Meetings)


Supported operating systems


  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8 Classic, 10
  • Apple OS X 10.10, 10.11, 10.12
  • iOS
  • Android

Supported browsers and operating systems have undergone compatibility testing by IBM. IBM recommends that customers always use operating systems and browsers listed in the System Requirements; any variance has some level of risk because the combination has not been tested. If you choose to use a browser and operating system not listed and encounter an issue requiring support from IBM, IBM Support may require you to test and reproduce the issue using recommended system requirements in order to receive further support.

If a supported OS or browser that is listed in the System Requirements has a new version released, IBM Support may provide support. IBM Support will accept support issues relating to using these newer and untested operating systems and browser releases and will validate on a case-by-case basis whether IBM can provide technical support.


  • Cookies must be enabled in the browser.
  • Pop up blockers must be disabled for some features to work.
  • Plugins must be installed for some features to work.
  • A user's mail file template must be at Notes 9.0 or higher to use IBM Verse.
  • IBM Verse calendar alarms are not available on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.
  • IBM will continue to accept support requests from those who have not yet migrated from Windows XP. Support will continue normally until Windows XP is identified as a probable cause of the problem or a contributing factor, at which time you may be asked to recreate the problem on a supported operating system. If the issue is found to be specific to Windows XP, a fix may require you to move to a supported operating system.



  • Audio and video chat is supported on Sametime embedded or standalone desktop clients in Connections Cloud.
  • Audio and video chat is not supported on Linux (Ubuntu and Red Hat).
  • (Web chat) Audio and video chat is supported on 32-bit Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, but not supported on 64-bit browsers.
  • (Web chat) Audio and video is not supported on Chrome nor Firefox 52, a non-ESR version of Firefox.
  • Screen capture is supported on Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers but not on Chrome.


Audio and video, and desktop and application sharing are supported on:



  • Firefox 32-bit. If less than Firefox 52, supported with NPAPI plugin
  • Firefox 64-bit. If greater or equal to Firefox 52, supported with extension
  • Chrome (32- and 64-bit)
  • Internet Explorer (32-bit) on Windows

Meetings audio/video bandwidth requirements:



  • The maximum bandwidth used by a user is 384kps for both audio (64kbps) and video (320kbps). This maximum applies to the user's uplink (384kps) and downlink (384kps). However, because of the nature of the dynamic bandwidth adjustment, actual bandwidth use may be lower.
  • For a meeting with 6 people with all participants viewing all 4 possible video streams, the maximum bandwidth use for both audio and video would be 1Mbps uplink and 2.3Mbps downlink. The uplink is less because only those users whose video is one of the 4 visible streams will send video (up). All users will receive video (down).
  • For a meeting with 10 people with all participants viewing all 4 possible video streams, the maximum bandwidth use for both audio and video would be 1Mbps uplink and 3.8Mbps downlink. Again, only a subset of users (5) will send video at any given time, yet all 10 will receive it.


Use the following mobile apps. Access through mobile browsers is not supported.

IBM Traveler and IBM Verse

IBM Meetings
iOS :

IBM Chat:
iOS :

IBM Connections:
iOS :

SmartCloud Notes clients

IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins



IBM Sametime 9.0.1 Desktop Client


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