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IBM Connections 6 Metrics update

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IBM has made an alternative software program available for the Metrics feature used within IBM Connections v6.


The Metrics feature used within IBM Connections v6 is currently IBM Cognos Business Intelligence v10.2.2, which is entitled as a supporting program with IBM Connections v6.

Elasticsearch Metrics is now available as an alternative software program for the Metrics feature within IBM Connections v6.

The IBM Connections v6 Metrics feature now supports both of these programs:

  • IBM Connections v6 supporting program IBM Cognos Business Intelligence v10.2.2
  • Elasticsearch Metrics (installed either as stand-alone or part of Component Pack for Connections)

To use Elasticsearch Metrics, download and install these components from IBM Fix Central.

  • IBM Connections v6
    • If you use Cumulative Refresh 1 (CR1), be sure to download the specified fixes
    • If you use Cumulative Refresh 2 (CR2), all fixes are included
  • Elasticsearch (stand-alone) or  Component Pack for IBM Connections v6.0.0.6

Detailed instructions for installation are available in the IBM Connections Knowledge Center:

On April 30, 2018 the following is planned:


  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence v10.2.x reaches End of Support.
    • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence v10.2.x will no longer be available for download directly from Passport Advantage.
  • Through the Cognos Continuing Support program option, active S&S Connections customers can continue to receive support for Cognos BI 10.2.x, as described here:
  • IBM Connections plans to deliver an interim release for IBM Connections v6 that will remove Cognos Business Intelligence v10.2.2 as a supporting program from the Connections License.
    • Existing Connections v6.0 customers who wish to continue using Cognos Business Intelligence v10.2.2 should NOT deploy this interim release.
    • This is a License only modification. There are no new features or functionality changes.

After April 30, 2018:



  • Connections v6 customers who continue to use Cognos BI v10.2.2 as the metrics program will receive only non-defect support. The Continuing Support program offering for Cognos BI v10.2.x, as described in the Technote 2005165: Cognos BI 10.2.x Continuing Support, is extended to Connections v6 customers who maintain active S&S, and they will be entitled to any security fixes and defect fixes publicly released by the Cognos team for BI v10.2.2. on Fix Central.
  • If full defect support is required, customers should review the Cognos Continuing Support documentation and purchase a plan that meets their requirements.

Note: The content of this technote does not apply to customers using Connections 5.0 and Connections 5.5.


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