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iFixes for Rhapsody and Rhapsody Model Manager integration



Which iFixes do you need for the IBM Rational Rhapsody and IBM Rational Rhapsody Model Manager integration?


Unlike with Design Manager, iFix versions are no longer tightly coupled and it is possible to connect to the RMM server from a client that is using an older, or newer, iFix in the same release stream. However, it is still recommended to use the latest iFix available for:

  • Rhapsody (including RMM Client Extension), client side.
  • Rational Team Concert Eclipse Client, client side.
  • Rhapsody Model Manager Server, server side.

Note that Rhapsody Model Manager iFixes are bundled into the CLM iFix downloads from, and are not available for download separately. However, not every CLM iFix will contain a 'new' RMM iFix.


Rhapsody + RMM Client Extension version Rational Team Concert Eclipse Client version Rhapsody Model Manager Server / CLM version
8.3.1 (any) 6.0.6 (any) 6.0.6 (any)
8.3 (any) 6.0.5 (any) 6.0.5 (any)

* Note that while Rhapsody Model Manager (found at /am) and Rhapsody Design Manager (found at /dm) can both be installed on the same server, or available in the same enterprise deployment, a Rhapsody 8.3 client installation can have EITHER the Rhapsody Model Manager OR the Rhapsody Design Manager client installed. As of 8.3.1, it is possible to install both and switch between them.

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Modified date: 06 December 2018

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