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A mobile map that was created for your site cannot be loaded on your mobile device



After installing the Maximo Spatial Asset Management fix pack in a Maximo Anywhere environment, you cannot access a mobile map record for your site. The following error is displayed. "A mobile-enabled map was not found for your site, USER_DEFAULT_INSERT_SITE. Contact your administrator."

Resolving The Problem

To resolve this issue, you must update the OSLC resource for the map manager.

1. Update the OSLC resource for the map manager.
a. Log in to Maximo Asset Management and open the OSLC Resources application.
b. Open the MapManager OSLC Resource record.
c. Locate the OSLC Resource Details table, and expand the MAPMANAGER/MAPSITES resource.
d. Specify the following value for the OSLC Resource Property Namespace:
e. Save the OSLC Resource record.

2. Rebuild the Maximo Anywhere Platform.
a. Log on to the Maximo Anywhere server.
b. Change directory to maximoanywhere_home\MaximoAnywhere.
c. Run the following operator system specific commands if a fix pack such as has been installed for the Maximo Anywhere environment:
build.cmd update-platform get-oslcdocs all-gen all
 Linux: update-platform get-oslcdocs all-gen all

If a fix pack has not been installed, run these operator system specific commands:

build.cmd install-platform get-oslcdocs all-gen all
Linux: install-platform get-oslcdocs all-gen all

3. Reinstall the WorkExecution application on your mobile device.

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Modified date: 28 June 2018