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Guidelines to install Third party software or tools in PureData System for Analytics

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What are the guidelines to install Third party software or tools in PureData System for Analytics?


IBM Netezza do not provide support for third party products nor do we recommend the third party tool to be install on the netezza host as it could adverisely affect the system performance. However should this be required, please advise that the installation should be done in a non production system first so to observe the overall system behavior.
We cannot guarantee nor certify what a third part software does when installed on a Netezza system. If you require it for business reasons, What we can however do is to give you few general guidelines that should help avoiding any issue:

The third party Application can not do any of the below:
- does not update the kernel.
- does not update/change settings used by the NPS.
- do not perform any operations under /nz or its subfolders.
- do not install in /nz mount point.
- do not modify any system configuration or libraries.
- make sure that the install does not make any kernel changes.
- ensure resources are not used excessively compromising the Netezza operations including CPU, memory and storage.

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Modified date: 22 November 2017