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IBM Connections Docs 2.0 CR3 Release Notes

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IBM Connections Docs 2.0 CR3 contains important fixes and enhancements since V2.0 CR1. Future fixes for V2.0 will be based on this CR3 version. It is recommended that all customers who installed IBM Connections Docs V2.0 apply CR3 in their production environment.


Included new features and enhancements:

  • Enabled the Notification API of editing session start and end for 3rd party repository integration.
  • Watermark with real time information can be customized in File Preview of Document and Spreadsheet files.
  • Added Cell Protection support in spreadsheet files for 3rd party repository integration.
  • IBM Docs can be configured to automatically check in documents to FileNet repository through IBM Content Navigator.

  • You can directly deploy Conversion server on Linux when installing IBM Docs.
  • If you already have IBM Docs installed with Conversion server on Windows, you can migrate existing Conversion server from Windows to Linux.

Documents editor:
  • Added Track Change support in Document Editor. People with editing access can use a new view in the sidebar to see what changes were made to the file and when and who. Changes can be filtered by the timeline and editors. File owners can turn Track Change on and off, and clear change history.

Note: The Track Change feature now is only applicable to IBM Docs Document Editor. And the track changes will not round trip back into IBM Docs if offline editing is performed or the upload new version option is used.

Spreadsheets editor:

  • Added two more formulas: EDATE and EOMONTH.

Included fixes:
IBM Connections Docs 2.0 CR3 contains fixes from IBM Docs 2.0 CR1, CR1 iFix 001, iFix 002, iFix 003, and CR2, CR2 iFix001, iFix002, iFix003, and iFix004. Click the urls below for details.

IBM Docs 2.0 CR1:
IBM Docs 2.0 CR1 iFix 001:
IBM Docs 2.0 CR1 iFix 002:
IBM Docs 2.0 CR1 iFix 003:
IBM Docs 2.0 CR2:
IBM Docs 2.0 CR2 iFix001:
IBM Docs 2.0 CR2 iFix002:
IBM Docs 2.0 CR2 iFix003:
IBM Docs 2.0 CR2 iFix004:

Download the CR3 zip package from Fix Central and extract it. Follow the instructions in the PDF file to install it.

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