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Java 8 support statement for IBM Connections v5.5

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For WebSphere Application Server V8.5 customers, full support of Java 6 with traditional WebSphere will end in April 2018.

Customers using WebSphere Application Server for V8.5 are recommended to move up to Java 8. Refer to Java SE 6 end of service in WebSphere Application Server V8.5 for further information.

However, IBM Connections 5.5 and earlier versions are supported only with Java 6. Are there any plans to support Connections 5.5 or earlier versions with Java 8?


IBM Connections v5.5 and earlier versions are supported only with Java default version SDK 1.6 (i.e. Java 6) for WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment. There are no plans to support Connections 5.5 or earlier versions of IBM Connections with Java 8.

To obtain support for Java 8, customers need to upgrade IBM Connections to v6.0.

Refer to the Connections product documentation for more details:

However, IBM WebSphere will now be providing some additional support for Java 6 until December 2018. Refer to Java 6 end of support: What does this mean to WAS v8.5 customers? for more information.

Here is the most relevant extract:
"After April 30, 2018, fixes to the Java 6 runtime will be limited. Customers will be able to get security fixes via Oracle Critical Patch Updates (CPUs) for Java 6 until December 2018. Only CPU fixes (security fixes) will be available after April 30, 2018."

In summary, IBM Connections v5.5 & v5.0 customers have the following options when it comes to Java Support:
  • Anytime: Upgrade to IBM Connections v6.0 to have full support for Java 8.
  • After April 2018, customers can remain using Java 6, but only security related CPU fixes for Java 6 will be available.
  • After December 2018, there will be no more support or fixes for Java 6.

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