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How to resolve synchronization issues that start after upgrading to IBM Traveler (or higher)

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This technote describes how to resolve synchronization issues that may occur after upgrading to IBM Traveler (or higher).


IBM Traveler introduced a new feature that allows Traveler to "Run as a User" instead of as a server. For the Run as User feature to function properly, the Traveler server must be listed as a trusted server in the user's mail server document.

If the Traveler server is NOT listed as a "Trusted server" on users' Domino mail servers
, then Traveler will be unable to access the user's mail file, which will result in the inability to sync. At that point, to resolve the sync issues, you can perform one of the following options:

  • Option 1 (Recommended): Add the Traveler server to the Trusted Server list in the Server document of the indicated mail server. NOTE: Due to replication delays, this may take up to 30 minutes to fully take effect.
  • Option 2: Turn off the Run as User feature. To disable Run as User, set this notes.ini parameter on all Traveler servers and then restart: NTS_USER_SESSION=false.  


Q1. Is it possible to check my server's status prior to upgrading to
Yes, starting with Traveler, Traveler servers will display Yellow Status Messages for any mail servers it connects to that do not list the Traveler server as a trusted server. When you issue the Tell command "tell traveler status", the output will look similar to this:

Yellow Status Messages
Mail server CN=xxxx/O=xxxx does not have the IBM Traveler server CN=xxxx/O=xxxx in the trusted server list.

Q2. How can I determine if this issue is affecting my users after upgrading?
In addition to the yellow status messages as described above, you will also see the following errors on the Domino console for any affected users:
    An exception occurred when opening database <MailServerPath>/user.nsf using user shortname CN=John Doe /O=IBM in order to retrieve changed documents. Exception information: Throw: TASK_PROFILE_OPEN_DB

    *** Content Adapter Exception ***
    --- Debug Info ------------:
    Database cannot be opened with status of 0x17eb. Server=<MailServerPath>database=mail/user.nsf

    INFO Mntr-0a78[Master]John Doe dna.cpp.jniDoesDatabaseExist#8427 Internal Error: Debug Data: Could not open Database='mail/jdoe.nsf' on server=<MailServer>' PathName='<MailFilePath>' for user 'CN=John Doe /O=IBM'. Error(17eb)=You are not listed as a trusted server

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