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IBM Sametime 9.0.1 FP1 release - June 2017

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IBM Sametime 9.0.1 FP1 release - June 2017


IBM Sametime 9.0.1 FP1 release is available. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Update IBM Sametime V9.0 and V9.0.1 servers to Feature Pack 1 by downloading packages provided here in Fix Central and installing with the Update option. You can also use these 9.0.1 FP1 builds for a fresh install of servers and clients.

It resolves a number of issues (See detailed fix list below).

Also included in 9.0.1 FP1:

  • Support for TLS1.2
  • Support for Verse On-Prem integration
  • Numerous features inherited from Cloud

For a list of detailed system requirements for the supported releases of Sametime, please go here.

Read the documentation on how to upgrade to 9.0.1 FP1 here:

Download Sametime 9.0.1 FP1 package from Fix Central here.



General Meetings fixes:

  • Fixes added for various Meeting server and web client security issues
  • New version of document conversion toolkit included, which fixes several issues in images created for sharing uploaded documents
  • Fixed Meeting server issue that could cause a failure in generating a meeting report
  • Fixed issue by preventing a meeting client from generating too many events on the server, which could pollute server logs
  • Fixed a problem that would prevent being able to properly add a Notes link into the meeting discussion/stream
  • Fixed defect in meeting room permissions that impacted older clients, when setting a permission to "Everyone"
  • Fixed issues where some UI strings would show in the wrong language on Sierra Mac OS
  • Fixed problem where the cursor would show as very large during screen-sharing using browser based meetings on Sierra Mac OS
  • Fixed bad button alignment in Meeting web client
  • Fixed slide navigation Tooltips in Meeting web client
  • Fixed slide annotation alignment problems in some browsers
  • Fixed rare instances of authenticated users showing up as guests in Meeting web client
  • Fixed issue in web client where changing presenter permissions from "Everyone" to "Owners & Managers" would not persist
  • Fixes added for web client Tooltips so that they are now keyboard-accessible
  • Fixed issues where certain keystrokes would not function properly on a client being remotely-controlled via screen-sharing
  • Fixed issue where cursor would not be seen when viewing screen-sharing on IE browser
  • Fixed issue where screen-share viewer image regions could flash/flicker on newer versions of Firefox browser

Installed Meeting client fixes:
  • Fixed problem where adding an offline manager could not be saved
  • Fixed issue where an instant meeting would incorrectly require password
  • Fixed issue causing multiple duplicate join messages to show in the meeting stream
  • Fixed problem where if web client set permission to Everyone, the rich client would not update properly
  • Fixed defect where the download permission would revert back to "Users who have not logged in" after "Everyone" option was saved
  • Fixed password policy message: should be "can" contain upper-lower case rather than "should" contain upper-lower case

Community Server
  • Display name with Chinese characters become hex
  • CS upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.1t
  • STPolicy generates excessive LDAP lookup requests
  • STresolve CSV file shows extremely high number which present 2s-component

  • Audio Video conferences are supported using TLS1.2 communication across the audio video clients and servers.
    -- Server to server communication for SIP and HTTPS are supported now using TLSv1.2
    -- Media admin pages in System Console are talking to all components using TLSv1.2.
    -- Installer is modified to communicate with System Console using TLSv1.2.
  • Audio Quality improvements in meetings and n-way conferences.
    -- Audio quality issues with Unicode characters seen with Russian names.
    -- Processing packets issues at client side added delay to introduce audio quality.
    -- handling of characters processing added bad quality issues before.
    -- Client SDK bug fixes around audio packets processing to improve the audio quality.
  • Mozilla NHM chromium based plugin support for AV and screen share since FF52 release on 32 and 64 bit releases.
  • Chrome 64-bit support is added for Audio Video and screen share in meetings.
  • Open SSL libraries are upgraded to level 1.0.2k.
  • Fixes are done around CPU usage as well memory leaks on Windows and MAC.
  • Fixed Several java.lang.IllegalStateException seen in the SIP PR logs
  • Fixed the ability to recover from SolidDB failure

Web Client features
  • Join Call As Audio - Participants are allowed to join the call as audio only or audio video both into video call started by Moderator.
  • Join call notification - An alert notification with an options to join call when the call is already started.

Web Player Installer improvements
  • Introduce more stability with errors 1307, 1310
  • Firefox related code changes as well smooth deployment of the new packages for Firefox and Chrome
  • Registries are created as per standard provided by Mozilla and Chrome for NHM.

UIM Client
  • Fixed an issue where images cannot be pasted from web page to chat window typing area
  • Fixed a problem of Auto-status change: during a calendar meeting, lock/unlock Notes ID, user status is changed to "Available", but should be "In a meeting"
  • Need to show the gear menu button when hiding the quick find widget
  • Fixed a issue with Ctrl+A not working in chat history dialog "quick find widget"
  • Fixed an issue with Ctrl+A not working in chat window "quick find widget"
  • Fixed an issue that Sametime Client will still launch automatically after system starts even the option "Launch Sametime at system startup" is not checked
  • Fixed an issue where nickname is reset when offline message is received
  • Fixed an issue where you cannot send email to a user whose email address contains an apostrophe
  • Fixed an issue when sending two line messages from web client to rich client, and the first line is an url, rich client will display wrong characters
  • Fixed an install problem that Win32 Sametime install may hang at Enabling liveupdate feature
  • Fixed an issue which may cause Notes client crash after taking a Win10 laptop from dock station
  • When inviting contacts to nway chat, need allow invitees to see previous chat transcripts even if automatically save chats is not enabled
  • Fixed an issue that incoming message's tab flash is not visible if the tab is hidden in More button
  • Fixed a chat crosstalk issue
  • Need allow users to clean their user data stored in workspace when uninstalling Rich Client
  • Provided ability to reorder chat session tabs on chat window

Sametime Advanced Server
  • Default Community API HTTP GET functionality not working
  • Update Sametime Advanced API documentation
  • Sametime Advanced User Monitoring API HTTP Get returns 400 error
  • Chatrooms become unresponsive in browser after certain number of participants join
  • Enhancement: Prevent Advanced from creating Chat Rooms with same name but different case
  • Exception thrown retrieving resource string in Folder Handler API when folder already exists
  • User Photo is not displayed correctly in Business Card from user link
  • ST Advanced: User Photo not displayed correctly in browser and rich client
  • ST Advanced Server: Help Link labels reported as invalid in IE11
  • Performance fixes

Sametime Advanced Rich Client
  • Pick up a new XPD build for fix to duplicated tray icons issue
  • Application Management window show non-English language
  • Warning message is displayed when start chat room with internal-signed certificate, fixed by XPD
  • Enhancement Request: Add Preference setting to ST Advanced client to enable Alert on New Message by default
  • Can not send broadcast to selected contacts, work as designed, but should not produce exception in trace log
  • Improve the code quality for *.bcs and *.persistent plugin, fix resource leak
  • Pick up the XPD build (dual monitor on Win10 low DPI)
  • Performance fixes

Advanced Server Install
  • Update of Websphere based Sametime Servers fails when monitoring policy is enabled on Sametime Servers
  • The license information is old in IM panel when doing upgrade from old server to the latest 901 build
  • License Text is garbled in Japanese
  • As a Sametime administrator, I want Sametime IM based server Installs support TLSv 1.2 in the CLEAN\FRESH installation path.
  • TLS1.2: WAS based server installed failed by SSC with TLS1.2 enabled
  • TLS1.2: after upgrade install mediamanager and stproxy, meeting pn, installer report post-register fail

Sametime Proxy

Web Client
  • Web chat does not display correct toolbar icons for narrow width
  • Enable support for Latvian in the web chat client
  • Chat option displayed in popup menu in 1-to-1 chat window - should be removed
  • HTML markup appearing in chat transcript
  • Bold button turns off after message is sent in bold.
  • After clicking awareness on Bizcard, no menu appears
  • STProxy Web Client: incorrect status message is shown
  • Images across Chat UI should display tooltips/labels for keyboard users (i.e., using TAB key to navigate) --> Provide better tooltips
  • Spacebar doesn't work in STProxy Client using latest version of Google Chrome 54.0.2840.59 cloud and on-premise
  • Duplicate images are pasted into chat window starting from Firefox 51.0
  • Contact list - switch contacts display mode will cause preference settings value change
  • After add public group as subgroup and relaunch webchat window, public group can not be loaded/removed
  • Styling fix: for new SmartCloud navbar menuwidget:
  • [WebChat] Widget - chat widget menu display without style sheet
  • Navbar Widget displayed without styling for a moment in slow networks
  • Chat awareness icon "left" needs to change to 13px
  • Make the NavbarMenuNonVerse styling classes more specific
  • Improved accessibility and improved usability

Webchat Server
  • Improved security
  • Add X-Frame-Options for ClickJacking Protection
  • Upgrade ACF (Active Content Filter) to v2.5.0.29 + custom rule (Proxy)
  • Missing Secure Attribute in session token LtpaToken2/LtpaToken - config
  • Enumeration of group chat - Unauthorized access possible - FIxed
  • Body Parameters accepted in Query ST Chat
  • Can enumerate and access instant meeting rooms
  • Null Pointer in STChat
  • Removed ltpa when user sends logout request and when user was forced logged out for bad SSO
  • Add X-Frame-Options for ClickJacking Protection
  • Webchat Error - 000000f9 Configuration W Exception looking up jdbc/SametimeDataSource
  • Add new policy notification_message_content
  • STProxy should use the joinPath attribute when constructing meeting room URLs
  • Same Nickname can be displayed for different users
  • No awareness in meeting room
  • There's no file size limit for logins.log
  • Image based folder was deleted at the proxy server start up time
  • Drop http request if server cannot handle
  • rtc4web throws exception when JVM graded to v8
  • If a mobile user does not have the chat app running then other meeting room participants should not have the option to chat to them
  • Failed to load TLS keystore and trust store file
  • Null pointer exception stops mobile users to login or resume
  • Awareness not working randomly for users in the meeting room participant list
  • Has the option to send files to a mobile user from a webchat user. (intermittent)
  • Chat is temporarily unavailable - memory leak
  • Save user preference doesn't work
  • The user's green status box is lost in meeting room.
  • Threads issue

  • No MFW callback on consecutive SIP registration failures – FPCC
  • Call History is empty after making several calls
  • AV Meetings Integration On Prem: When FPCC enabled AV call doesn't start in the meetings
  • Call and Video call disabled in the phonebook
  • Offline buddy list does not have Call/Video call enabled
  • User can call himself from phonebook
  • When one of the parties is on prelogin/loged off s/he doesnt have the button to expand call to video
  • When FPCC is enabled but phone is not registered, A/V calls are not enabled on buddy list
  • Call service provider selection is enabled and empty on initialization of client and when set, FPCC service provider is not an option
  • Call history - if user logged of then s/he cant make call by clicking on the phone icon
  • Call option is disabled in the live text in chat window when using saml
  • Expose DNS SRV setting in the managed settings
  • Unable to save sip in phonebook in form sip:number@number
  • Create Attended call transfer ui
  • Create Unattended call transfer ui
  • Add Attended call transfer java logic
  • Add Unattended call transfer java logic
  • Add action on the transfer buttons
  • In call window - disable invite others
  • Call history For Flint by the end of MArch
  • Can't make SUTLite call when fpcc is enabled, call provider is fixing to external
  • Make stop video working
  • Restore button should restore values to the values that being loaded when client starts for the first time.
  • User can add a contact in the phonebook with an invalid sip uri
  • When expanding to video call doesn't get message - start video. so no video for him
  • Make escalation from audio to video call working
  • Make audio calls started from phonebook escalate to video calls successfully
  • Video call and call computer icon should not enabled after login non-AV cs and disabled AV user

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