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Repairing your IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook account

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There is a problem with your IMSMO account such as persistent synchronization failures

Resolving the problem

The Account Repair feature is available to resolve problems with your IMSMO account such as persistent synchronization failures. Account Repair creates a new local mail store (.ims file). Mail stores associated with other accounts in your profile, for example, Gmail accounts, are not affected by the repair.

If IMSMO detects a problem with your account that requires repair, it prompts you to repair. You can also repair your account manually, although this is generally not required.

After repair, some items that do not sync with the server are lost in the new mail store, while others are preserved.

Lost Items
The following items are not transferred to the new store after a repair and you'll need to re-create them:

  • Outlook mail rules
  • Quick Steps
  • Favorite Folders

In addition, all older messages are truncated and you will need to re-open them to show the full content, even if you opened them previously.

Preserved Items
The following items in the original store are carried over to the new local store after the repair:
  • Contact Groups
  • Journal Entries
  • Notes
  • Tasks
If you have multiples of these folders, only the default folders are preserved.
Corrupted items are not preserved.

Back up non-synced items before you repair
Before you repair your account, we suggest that you back up items that do not sync with the server to a PST file. Mail, Calendar, and Contacts sync to the server; all other items do not.

1. Enable archiving as described in Technote 1996856.

2. To back up items, copy them manually to a .PST file or use the archiving feature ( File > Info > Cleanup Tools > Archive).

3. (Optional) Disable archiving, as described in Technote 1996856.

How to repair

Repairing your account when prompted
IMSMO monitors the health of your local mail store. If it detects a problem that requires account repair, it displays the following prompt. To repair the account, click Yes.

Repairing your account manually
You can also take the following steps to repair your account. However, because IMSMO detects account issues and prompts you to repair when necessary, typically these steps aren't required. Complete these steps only as a last resort after completing other documented troubleshooting steps.

1. Click File > Info > Account Settings.

2. Select your IMSMO account and click Change.

3. In the IBM Mail Sync Configuration window, click Advanced and then select Repair Account.

4. At the prompt, click Yes

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