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Moving isolated BigFix Clients to a Relay in DMZ

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I have a Client that cannot communicate with BigFix Server because it is isolated from Bigfix Server. How can I change the connection parameters so that BigFix Client uses a BigFix Relay to connect to Bigfix Server ?


The following procedure will allow you to connect the isolated Bigfix client to the given Relay:
1. Stop BigFix Client
2. Start Registry Editor (the procedure applies to 64-bit machine):
i. Backup the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\BigFix

ii. Under the registry:
keep only these keys:
- LibPath
- StoragePath
All the other keys under GlobalOptions should be removed

iii. Under the registry:
ensure that
__Relay_Control_Server1 contains the value with the Relay URL in the
format: http://Relay_IP_Address:52311
__Relay_Control_Server2 contains an empty value
__RelayServer1 contains the value with the Relay URL in the format:
__RelayServer2 contains an empty value

Relay_IP_Address is the IP Address of the Relay the Client can connect

3. Delete the directory __BESData ( default C:\Program Files
(x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client\__BESSData )

4. Add the following registry keys (the steps in this point are only for
diagnosis reason)



5. Start BigFix Client

The procedure could duplicate the Computer and connect the
Computer to the Relay.

In case of duplication, you can remove the old instance of Computer (you identify it in the
BigFix Console because the Last Report time of the old instance is not

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Modified date: 10 May 2017