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Q&A about panagenda ApplicationInsights and the offering for entitled IBM customers

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Starting April 11, 2017, customers who are current on IBM Software Subscription and Support (S&S) for Domino Enterprise Server, Utility Server, or Dual Entitlement with Applications will be entitled to panagenda ApplicationInsights at no cost. See below for important details pertaining to this offering.


Q1.  What is ApplicationInsights
ApplicationInsights is an offering from panagenda that allows customers to get a detailed analysis of their application landscape in IBM Domino. ApplicationInsights provides key analysis to help Domino customers understand usage and complexity of their applications to allow them to better determine the correct strategy to move forward with regarding those applications. 

  • Usage Analysis:  ApplicationInsights provides you with clear insights into the use of your application landscape. Find out how and whether an application is used: Is it accessed as read or write, and how often do specific departments and sites use certain application?
  • Code Assessment:  The perfect overview of the complexity of the entire application environment for you or your developers. How many lines of code are relevant, which programming language is strongly represented, and how do complexity and dependencies affect your application strategy?
  • Application Strategies:  ApplicationInsights is your key to strategy optimization. By linking usage and application design information, you have the perfect foundation for your project: Minimize operating costs and calculate risks and expenses into minute detail.
Q2.  Why should I use ApplicationInsights?
ApplicationInsights will give you a clear understanding of the number of Domino applications in your environment, who uses those applications, how much they use those applications and how complex those applications are.  This information can be used to understand how employees are accessing applications and show the value of how important these applications are to your business.  The information can also be used to prioritize which applications you want to spend time refreshing (making Web/mobile versions). 

Q3.  What do I get as an entitled customer?
Entitled IBM customers will be able to access to technote 2000687, which provides instructions on where and how to download the entitled version of ApplicationInsights. The entitled version gives you the following:
  • License valid for 1 year from the release date of April 11, 2017
  • Analysis of your Domino environment
  • Environment, Inventory and Usage overviews across all database instances
  • Usage details for 50 most used database instances
  • Design complexity of 50 most complex database instances
  • Design insights for 50 database instances across the most used and most complex
Q4. Who has access to the entitled version of ApplicationInsights?
IBM customers who are current on S&S for Domino Enterprise Server, Utility Server, or Dual Entitlement with Applications.

Q5. How do I get the entitled version of ApplicationInsights?
Download information is available for entitled customers via technote 2000687. You must be logged in with your IBM ID that is associated with your IBM Customer Number (ICN) to access that technote.

Note: If you are an entitled customer and cannot access the above technote, open a Service Request with IBM Support for assistance. If you would like to become an entitled customer, contact your IBM Sales representative.

Q6.  How do I see details for more than 50 applications?
Packages of 500 applications are being sold to extend the amount of applications you can see detailed code analysis on.  The first package of 500 purchased also provides a list of all applications that have not been used in the time period between installing the application and running the report.  The unused applications are key to help determine which applications to sunset.  Contact your IBM Sales representative for pricing and purchasing details. 

Q7.  Can I purchase ApplicationInsights if I am not active on S&S?
Yes. The packages of 500 are available to anyone who wants to purchase them.  Contact your IBM Sales representative for pricing and purchasing details. 

Q8.  How long can I use ApplicationInsights? 
  • The entitled version of ApplicationInsights is available for 12 months from April 11, 2017.
  • The packs of 500 will carry a 12 month term license.  Customers who purchase the license must renew their license in order to maintain the same level of reporting on applications in their Domino environment generated by the ApplicationInsights appliance. 
Q9.  How do I get support for ApplicationInsights?
  • If you are using the entitled version, then support will be provided through normal IBM support process.  
  • If you have purchased an extended pack, then support will be provided directly from panagenda. 
Q10.  What are my next steps to refreshing my applications?
Refer to this  blog post for details on the different choices available to building modern interfaces to Notes/Domino applications.

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