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Update Strategy for IBM Connections 6.0

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This document describes the recommended strategy and steps for applying maintenance updates to IBM Connections 6.0. It includes important information on known issues.


Table of Contents:

Before you begin

It's important that you read this document to understand the requirements and the steps to deploy the latest IBM Connections 6.0 updates. This document is a summary of requirements for installing the latest updates.

Section 1 - General Information

Section 2 - IBM Connections 6.0 Add-ons

    IBM Connections Orient Me 6.0
    IBM Connections Orient Me 6.0  is a free, optional add-on to Connections Homepage that presents the data in an effectively prioritized manner.  It is designed to help the user by filtering out what's important; summarizing social, email and calendar content in a single page and by using analytics to assist the user. It also demonstrates a completely new technology stack and application delivery mechanism.

    Refer to Section 3 - IBM Connections 6.0 and Orient Me Required Updates for the the latest updates and download links.

    Ephox Editors - 2.2 for IBM Connections 6.0
    The Ephox editor,, is a full featured editor to enhance content authoring with wikis, blogs, profiles, forums, activities, and communities in IBM Connections.

    Updated 17-9-28: The new version of Ephox Editors for IBM Connections Version: which includes Version: is now available. The Ephox editor can the found at Fix Central here

    Note: The Ephox Editors requires an entitlement license

    IBM Connections 6.0 Smart Type-ahead search
    Try out the enhanced type-ahead Search from any page within Connections 6.0. This suggests content in the Search box based on content that you have previously interacted with. For example, if you have recently created, updated or even simply visited any content within Connections, this will appear as a suggestion in the type-ahead once you start to enter text in the Search input field that matches the title of this content. Refer to the topic Installing Type Ahead Search for installation details. IBM Connections smart Type-ahead search can the found at Fix Central here

Section 3 - IBM Connections 6.0 and Orient Me Required Updates

    Note: If a problem occurs selecting a download link, close your browser and clear the browser cache
  • IBM Connections 6.0 June 2017 Update iFix (Released June 27, 2017)
  • IBM Connections Orient Me Update (Released August 29, 2017)
    • Fix Central download link for the IBM Connections Orient Me Update
      Orient Me is an update to Orient Me due to Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) 17.03 being no longer available. Orient Me is configured to install Docker 17.03 Enterprise Edition (EE) on IBM Spectrum Conductor for Containers 1.1. When the new release of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) 17.06 became available and version 17.03 was no longer available this broke the Orient Me deployment since Docker EE customers always get the latest release. The only change in Orient Me is the deployment scripts, there is no change to functionality of the product from previous releases. If a customer has already installed Orient Me with Docker 17.03 EE then no action is required. If a customer plans a new install using Docker EE 17.06 then they will need to download Orient Me from Fix Central. A customer with Orient Me already deployed can upgrade to Docker EE 17.06 but will experience downtime and should be planned. Customers using Docker Community Edition (CE) are not affected and no action is required. IBM requires either Orient Me or later to be installed.
  • IBM Connections Orient Me Update (Released July 18, 2017)

    Orient Me is an update to Orient Me (June 2017) to address an install failure due to an incompatibility between the recent release of Docker 17.06 CE (Community Edition) and IBM Spectrum Conductor for Containers Community Edition 1.1. The install update is the only change between the Orient Me (June 2017) and Orient Me If you have already installed Orient Me with Docker 17.03 then no action is required.

  • IBM Connections Orient Me (June 2017)

    The Orient Me (June 2017) update is a required update for new or existing Orient Me installation. This required update has important fixes and enhancements to Orient Me. Refer to the topic Optional: Installing the Orient Me home page for installation and update instructions.

      Important: IBM requires that you complete the deployment of IBM Connections 6.0 and the required iFixes ( LO91711 & LO92151) prior to beginning the Orient Me installation.
      • For the latest information about Orient Me please go to Technote 2001391 (General issues regarding Orient Me and IBM Connections 6.0)

      Note: IBM Connections Orient Me requires an entitlement license
  • IBM Connections 6.0 Day1 iFix and Updates (Released March 31, 2017)

Section 4 - Installation Instructions

    1. Complete the IC 6.0 installation
    2. Once the IC 6.0 deployment is completed, apply the IC 6.0 Day1 iFix. Refer to the topic Installing interim fixes for details on installing interim fixes (iFix).
    3. Deploy the IC 6.0 Day1 TDISOL on each node where TDI is installed. Refer to the Readme file in the download file for installation instructions.
    4. Complete the installation by installing the IC 6.0 June 2017 Update.

      Orient Me: For customer who have installed Orient Me refer to the topic Enabling profiles events for orient me for configuration details.

      Installation Note: Make sure to clear the contents of the cache under the App Server by deleting the files in the directory C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01\temp before restarting the node and cluster. Once the iFix is installed restart DMGR and node agents then sync the nodes.

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