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Collecting Data: IBM BigFix Server Automation (SA)

Technote (troubleshooting)


Data to collect for Support for issues involving Server Automation

Resolving the problem

Server Application Logs

  • A zip of the <BES Server>\Applications\Logs
  • Specifically:
    • All the pe_console.log.* files
    • All the MFS*.log files
  • The <BES Server>\Applications\Config\PlanEngine.xml file
  • A zip of the <BES Server>\Applications\PlanEngine folder (if requested)

Plan-specific log files

You can access an individual log file specific to each Automation Plan that you run. This provides you with a useful tool to easily analyze or debug any issues that occurred during plan execution.

When the Server Automation system starts, it creates a custom site called Server Automation Plan Log Files (if this site was not created previously). Plan-specific log files are available from this site. As the number of plan-specific log files in the site expands over time, it is good practice to remove unwanted log files.

How it works

When you submit a plan for execution and the plan begins to run, a log file is generated in the <BES Server>/Applications/Logs directory. The plan name is<Plan_Action_ID>.log.txt. On plan completion, this file is automatically uploaded to the Server Automation Plan Log Files custom site.

Key points

  • This feature is enabled by default and you do not need to perform any configuration to enable it.
  • You can preview log files that are 200 KB or smaller.
  • To view log files larger than 200 KB, you must use the REST API. If a log file is larger than 200 KB, you see a The log file is too large to be previewed message in the Preview.

Complete the following steps to download log files larger than 200 KB through the REST API:
1. Enter the following URL in a browser:


      This returns something similar to the following, in this example there is one plan log in the site:

      <BESAPI xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="BESAPI.xsd"><SiteFile Resource="http://<server-host>:<server-port>/api/site/custom/Server%20Automation%20Plan%20Log%20Files/file/1215">
         <LastModified>Mon, 23 Feb 2015 12:03:04 +0000</LastModified>    

2. When prompted, enter your BigFix operator credentials.

3. Use the URL in the Resource attribute returned in the output to download the plan-specific log file, as follows:


Document information

More support for: IBM Endpoint Manager for Lifecycle Management
Server Automation

Software version: Version Independent

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 1997031

Modified date: 10 January 2017