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Archiving is disabled in IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook

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By default starting in release, you cannot copy email messages between your IBM Mail Sync data file and other data files (for example, PST archives) or between Outlook mail accounts. This default behavior protects you in two ways.  First, it prevents your data from being copied into an account that could be less secure than IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook.  Second, it prevents you from inadvertently archiving a truncated document, causing the full data to be deleted from your mail and lost.

Note: This default setting prevents copying in either direction. By default, you cannot copy From or TO your IBM Mail Sync account.

Resolving the problem

To change the default behavior and allow email messages to be copied between data files or between Outlook accounts, advanced users can delete the registry setting DisableCrossAccountCopy. If you do so, be aware of the following information:

  • Third-party sync applications, for example iCloud for Windows, can potentially put your corporate data into their store. Note that iCloud for Windows has been reported to send out invitations for meetings it copies.
  • Before you archive a truncated message, download the full content. Otherwise, only partial information is archived and the full content is lost.
  • Moving a message to an archive deletes the message from your mail file.
  • Moving an entire folder to an archive deletes the folder from your mail file.

To delete the registry setting:
1. Click the Windows Start button and run regedit.exe.
2. Expand the following key:
3. Select File > Export and make a backup of the key.
4. Right-click DisableCrossAccountCopy and select Delete.

Tip: Alternatively, to delete the registry setting automatically, click the following link from the computer that runs IMSMO:


If you ever want to disable archiving again, click the following link:


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