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When addressing a new email or meeting invitation, IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook users can now automatically look up names in their organization through the IBM Address Book Provider. (Help Topic:Your organization's directory is available automatically). See below for common questions and answers about this feature.


Q. How do IMSMO users get the IBM Address Book Provider feature?
The feature is added to new profiles created in IMSMO clients v2.0.1 and higher.

Q. Can existing IMSMO users begin using the feature once their client is automatically updated?
No. Existing users must create a new profile to get the feature.

Q. Is there a minimum number of characters required for searches?
Name lookup searches must contain at least 3 characters. Searches for less than 3 characters will be automatically returned as no matches found/unable to complete search.

Q. Is Address Book Provider is for both Cloud and On-Premises IMSMO clients?

Q. Instead of creating a new profile, is there any way to re-configure an existing profile to access Address Book Provider?
No. Users with existing profiles must create a new profile.

Q. If a user already has a profile, what should they do to get a new profile?
Users can manually create a new profile. For Cloud-only, users have the option to instead use the AutoConfig feature. Note: Some customized settings will need to reset in the new profile (for example, custom layouts, favorite folders, and archive pointers).

Q. For users who run AutoConfig, will their old profile be overwritten if the new profile is created using the same naming convention?
No, in that case the new profile will be created with the same name but with a number enclosed in parenthesis at the end. For example, John Doe (1). That new profile will be the default one going forward.
But note that user's also have the option of manually removing the old profile though the Control Panel prior to running AutoConfig.

Q. Let's say there is a secondary directory with limited access to users, will this lookup still provide the list from the limited access directory? Basically, is this doing a lookup like a Notes client and taking care of ACLs or like a normal directory lookup where ACLs are not accounted?

  • For clients accessing the cloud, there is no support for secondary directories with limited access to users. In a hybrid environment, all users have access to any secondary directory added to the company configuration.
      Enforcing access control for lookup
      By default the corporate lookup function does not enforce ACL restrictions inside a directory, such as Extended ACL, for the user performing the look up. To enforce ACL restrictions, including Extended ACL, set NTS_LOOKUP_ENFORCE_ACL=1 . A setting of zero is the default. See the Domino documentation for information on using ACL and Extended ACL to control access to directories.

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