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Fix List for IBM Client Application Access (ICAA) Feature Packs

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This technote contains the fix list for IBM Client Application Access (ICAA) Feature Packs.


** NOTE: For the latest Interim Fixes for ICAA, see the ICAA tab in technote 1657963 **

ICAA 1.0.1 Feature Pack 2

Release Date Version Download Information
June 6, 2017 Fix Central download links & Passport Advantage Part numbers

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What's new in ICAA

64K support added in ICAA
You can now optionally increase the document summary data limit on databases to 16MB from 64K (SPR #AKNX64TLRS APARID: LO04193). Note: The size limit for a single field remains 32K.

CLJAAGEDLD Once REUSE_INI is used during installation of ICAA, it's not needed for subsequent upgrades of ICAA
HPXGAGG9RH (Mac Only) - ICAA will prompt to enter keychain password after focus is moved out of ICAA for 5 minutes or more.
HPXGALA9XL (Mac Only) - ICAA failed to launch when restore from to any old version on Mac without upgrading from old version to before
JRMAAFXT8N (Mac Only) - ICAA failed to launch on new MacBook with Touch Bar
MEERAE33F9 (Mac Only) - ICAA Client quits after password input
PPUEAJC9HZ IBM Client Application Access is affected by Open Source zlib (technote 1998487) and libpng (technote 2002679) vulnerabilities
RPALAK89GC Added support for NBP_UseIBMVerse into ICAA for support of IBM Verse On-Premise. 
SHEZAMDKVC ICAA display issues on PCs with high resolution (high resolution 4K monitor support)
TITHAGFAXH In ICAA, when cursor is after specific Japanese character, cannot hit ENTER
TITHAFJ8DR In ICAA, If Dialog List Has Some Elements Which Is Dbcs+")" Pattern String, Then New-line Disappear

ICAA 1.0.1 Feature Pack 1

Release Date Version Download Information
November 28, 2016 Fix Central download links & Passport Advantage Part numbers

CLJAAFLCJC Retain ICAA notes.ini settings on ICAA upgrade on a system with both Notes and ICAA installed.
RPALAD6FCM Fix JVM error due to wrong path in JavaExtDirs ini
SAIAAF4E7Z Fixes hang/crash due to dpab code and wrong JavaExtDirs value
MNIAAE9F6W Fixes duplicate tabs getting opened with ?OpenView URL
Fixes issues with menu bar rendering on resizing window and with clicking menu items when Infobox is up
DJRCAC99TD Fixes problem with bookmark.nsf being displayed in English in ICAA and Notes on a system with Notes, ICAA and ICAA MUI pack installed.
SAIAACEDLZ Fixes issues with Notes file associations when ICAA is uninstalled from a system having both Notes and ICAA.
Package IBMNotes.itw configuration file in ICAA installer for creating transform files.

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