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Fix list for IBM Connections 5.5 CR2

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This document lists the fixes included in IBM Connections 5.5 Cumulative Refresh 2 (CR2)


Cumulative Refreshes (CRs) consists of a set of cumulative fixes for each of IBM Connections applications. For additional information on CRs, including instructions on how to download and install, please review the Update strategy for IBM Connections 5.5 document. IBM Connections 5.5 CR2 includes all fixes in Connections 5.5 CR1 (LO88602), IBM Connections 5.5 Day1 iFix (APAR LO87330) and IBM Connections 5.5 Required February Update iFix (APAR LO87626).

Fix Central download link for the IC 5.5 CR2 package (

The fixes included in IBM Connections 5.5 CR2 are listed in this table:

APAR# Component Problem Description
LO89657 Activities Fixed a problem where an image that was added using Drag and Drop to an entry in Activities failed to save
LO90027 Activities Fixed an issue with accessing attachments in ToDos and Comments after removing the setting “Mark this entry private”
Activity Stream Addressed a problem when selecting the Norwegian language would generate a "There was an error loading the gadget resources."
LO90108 Activity Stream Corrected the problem where hashtags containing umlauts did not linkify
Activity Stream Fixed the problem where posting a status update with a video file attached returned an error
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Addressed the problem where selecting members in a notification would not filter members from all listed pages in Blogs, Idealation Blogs, and Events
LO88760 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected a NullPointerException when trying to edit an auto-saved blog entry
LO89824 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed the problem when creating a blog entry and the first line would appear to have a reduced font size.
LO89809 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed an error when hovering over Bookmarks in the custom navigation bar
LO89946 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Addressed an issue with log noise where there were frequent CLFRL0394E errors
LO89906 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected a failure in Ideation Blog graduation[Chrome]
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed an issue where a comment in Blogs would never stop loading
LO90079 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed the display of the browser's scroll bars when pasting SameTime content into a Blogs entry
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected a problem with replacing the URLs in Bookmarks
LO90057 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected a problem when accessing a public Blog under certain circumstances
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Implemented changes to Bookmarks to better support file:/// scheme
LO89076 CCM/FileNet/Libraries Implemented a setting that allows community owners to change the sharing of the root folder of a CCM Library via a sharing panel and/or sharing dialog very similar to the existing features for folder and file sharing. This feature is enabled by the setting <librarySharingPanel>true</librarySharingPanel> to the library-config.xml
CCM/FileNet/Libraries Corrected the problem where HTML markup was appearing in Libraries comments
LO90404 CCM/FileNet/Libraries Fixed a problem in the Library where a submit for approval would fail with
LO90594 CCM/FileNet/Libraries Fixed a problem when Sonata had an infinite loop requesting Search crawling on Filenet
CCM/FileNet/Libraries Updated the error message displayed when user doesn't have access to a library's root
LO89164 Common UI Enforced Utilization of IntraService URLs for RTE Server
LO89176 Common UI Corrections to translation in Brazilian Portuguese
LO89145 Common UI Corrected a problem when the browser page is resized in a community which cause the links to become unreadable
LO88706 Common UI Addressed a problem where a debug setting in a url broke the links in the navigation bar
LO88687 Common UI Fixed a problem where typeahead failed to load when performing more than one search for Community members
LO89101 Common UI Fixed the background url and height/width of bell icon in all themes
Common UI Corrected a problem in OAuth authorization due to missing ic-core strings
LO89145 Common UI Corrected a display issue with the application filter when returning to the full activity steam view.
LO89658 Common UI Fixed incorrect values in the "Open in Mobile" link from the Connections News Letter
LO89742 Common UI Corrected formatting issue with Search results.
LO89973 Common UI Reduced log noise that was generated when IBM Docs is not installed.
LO90244 Common UI Addressed dojo tab container and grid rendering issues for custom widgets
LO88890 Common UI Fixed a problem where Japanese and Russian characters were displayed as question marks in the EE
LO90391 Common UI Corrected a problem with the Edit on Desktop option that would generated an error and be removed after the file was edited in IBM Docs
Common UI Fixed a problem where URLs were not recognized in Wiki comments
LO90712 Communities General improvements to the Rich Content widget
LO88899 Communities Fixed a conflict in Communities membership with an owner that is also listed in a group in the community
Communities Corrected the translation of My Organization in Communities
LO89468 Communities Corrected a display issue with custom community logos
LO89712 Communities Corrected the behavior of the Create Subcommunity link when the user lacked rights to do so
LO89787 Communities Implemented a method so Administrators could remove obsolete widgets, like Media Gallery, from communities
LO89775 Communities Suppressed external member message if visitor model is not enabled
LO89951 Communities Corrected the behavior for a link to a restricted community when accessed by the Connections Admin
Communities Enhancements to memory usage for retrieving community members
LO90235 Communities Corrected an issue with bookmarked community search urls that were encoded with a space character [FF]
LO89545 Communities Fixed a problem with the Rich Content widget displayed in Add Apps despite prerequisites not enabled
LO90140 Communities Fixed a problem with tags being ignored in a filtered list of communities
Communities Corrected an the behavior where changing themes in a Community would revert to the IC 4.5 theme
Communities Corrected database related exceptions that were generated on bad url pattern
Community Calendar Fixed a display issue where the Calendar View of Events when selected[IE]
LO89462 Connections Mail Corrected the problem with the date picker in Connections not closing when ICM is enabled
LO89780 Core - Common services Corrected an issue in the authorization UI due to missing strings
LO89450 Core - Common services Fixed a problem with ACF which did not handle empty <embed> tags correctly
Core - Common services Addressed problems found in the FileNet admin console, which is relying on Waltz as directory service provider under certain circumstances
LO89063 Core - Common services Fixed a problem where internal members of external communities couldn't post a message on the recent updates community page.
Core - Common services In a multi-node deployment, implemented improvements to the scheduler framework so it can create more that one copy of the same task
LO88572 Files Fixed the url for the "next page" link in "Files shared by me"
LO88872 Files Corrected the problem where either a Files upload or download would fail with a PermissionDeniedException error after accessing communities with Rich Text widget
LO89063 Files Fixed a problem where a file upload would fail to a Community Library in the Status Updates of a community
LO87313 Files Corrected a display issue with the Share file dialog box
Files Improvements to the maximum size settings for uploading a file
Files Corrected a problem where News stories were missing for Wiki pages and File events after a deleted community ws restored
Files Addressed log noise generated by Wikis
Files Fixed a problem where the Upload button never becomes active
LO89853 Files Corrected a problem where a new version of a file cannot be saved after uploading.
LO90174 Files Fixed the problem where adding a comment to a file that a member is following in which the comment contains special character "&" will result in the character referenced as "&amp"
LO86858 Homepage Fixed a problem with third party widgets/gadgets failed to load on Homepage 'My Page' when no connections widgets are present
LO88955 Homepage Corrected a javascript error that caused the page to incorrectly render[IE 11]
LO89104 Homepage Fixed the issue where posting a url preview for certain urls would generate an an error in the ActivityStream
LO89654 Homepage Fixed the problem where umlauts were not correctly displayed when posting URLs in the activity stream
LO89625 Homepage Improved the URL preview display for the '&' (ampersand)
LO89864 Homepage Corrected the problem with Manage Tags that displayed the HTML Entity characters
LO90189 Homepage Fixed an issue with the Edit menu option in custom widgets for Homepage
LO88879 Metrics - Cognos Performance improvements to the metrics report [IE11.]
Metrics - Cognos Corrected a problem in Files/Wiks/Metrics xml-config files which were missing the tns namespace
LO89210 Mobile Added MAM Configuration Support
Mobile AirWatch MDM support for APNS Push Notifications
Mobile Added Device Passcode Configuration Support
Mobile Performance improvement for the Mobile app
Mobile Improved CPU usage for Mobile JVM
Mobile Performance improvements for the file sync operation
Mobile Corrected a problem where DBCS characters were corrupted and display as "???" in TW language environment
Mobile Included max file size setting from files-config in mobile config feed
Mobile Include type restriction information from files-config in mobile config feed
Mobile Update the APNS Certificates
LO89029 News Fixed a problem where the incorrect user was displayed in the Activity Stream comment.
News News stories missing for wiki page and file events after deleted community restored
LO89403 News Corrected the Like recent updates message
News Fixed a problem where users that like a second comment of a status update was incorrect.
LO89864 News Fixed Manage Tags that displayed HTML Entity characters which caused search to fail
LO90113 News Corrected an API for deleting a story from the Activity Stream which generated a 500 error
LO90001 News Fixed a problem where encoded characters were displayed in the URL Preview
LO90095 News Fixed a problem where posting an update with a URL (that is not in English) would not display correctly
LO89993 Notifications Corrected the behavior of the View All link in the newsletter where it would go to the incorrect ActivityStream filter when logged out
LO90258 Notifications Added the "Open in Mobile" link for File Comment / Community Status Comment in notifications
Profiles Corrected a problem with following/follower counts that did not match with the number of people shown in a user's network contacts list
Profiles Fixed a problem with TDI sync all with the override property set to true
Profiles General improvements for TDISOL
Profiles Corrected a the problem where search in Profiles failed to find tags with accented characters.
LO90484 Search Fixed a problem when postfiltering was turned on, all searches which return a CCM file in the results would fail with an error
Waltz Implemented changes to address Connections CCM Waltz based VMM errors
LO90888 Fixed the problem where Sonata would encounter an issue which causes endless HTTP requests to be sent to Search Crawler to crawl FileNet data
Wikis Fixed a copy\paste issue where multiple preventcache id parameters where added for an image
Wikis Fixed a problem where the heading for a Wiki in the TOC was not updated during a copy\paste so it would always go to the original heading
LO89874 Wikis Corrected an issue with an absolute path from a wiki to a notification event with the "Open in Mobile" link
LO89223 Wikis Fixed the problem where a comment could not be added for a file in a public community
Wikis Corrected the an issue where editing a wiki comment with an @mention would not function correctly
LO89755 Wikis Fixed a problem with an @Mention for the same person twice in one wiki page
LO89928 Wikis Fixed a problem with the page number link for a wiki page

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