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Open Mic Presentation on IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook

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IBM conducted an Open Mic session on Open Mic Presentation on "IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook" on 29th September 2016 where the presenter has given 45 minutes presentation followed by Q&A session.

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Question 1 : How IMSMO works in clustered environment ?
Ans: Its is similar as Traveler HA setup. To configure the IMSA servers to run in High Availability mode: configure an additional IMSA server or servers; set up a sprayer or load balancer;

Question 2 Do I Need a working notes Client on the same machine I will run IMSMO?
Ans: No its not required of Notes client to run IMSMO Add-in.

Question 3: How to authorize specific user only to user IMSMO ?
Ans: Personalize access to define which users are allowed to connect to the IMSMO server, or create explicit denial lists for users that should be denied access to the server. Populate either the Access Server or Not Access Server field with the names of users and groups

Question 4;Whether POP3, IMAP port need to be enabled?
Ans: No Pop3 & IMAP ports are not required to be enabled. The Architecture of IMSMO is similar to IBM Traveler. It works with SyncML

Question 5: IMSMO will Installed only on Domino Partitioned server not on single partition ?
Ans: When IMSMO is installed on a partition server then it has to be run on all the partition. For example if you have 3 servers in a partition it will not work if installed only on one server.It needs
to be installed on all the three partition.

Question 6:Can I Access to my Archive-on-Server via Outlook?
Ans: No at present archive cannot be accessed.

Question 7: Which protocol is being used in this?
Ans: SyncML

Question 8: Outlook will be work correctly with attachments in the DAOS?
Ans: Yes

Question 9:Does it support Outlook 2016 ?
Ans: Yes its supported on Outlook 2010,2013 & 2016

Question 10: Can we see user availability or schedule while invite for meeting ?
Ans: Yes, you can Free Busy information look-up from Scheduling

Question 11:Does it work on MAC machine?
Ans: No, its supported only on Windows Machine

Question 12:Can we archive in outlook?
Ans: Yes you can archive but those mails can be accessed locally only from outlook client

Question 13: If we delegate access over outlook, can it be revoked from Notes?


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