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IBM Cognos Planning 10.2 steps to connect to IBM Cognos Analytics 11 R4

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How to configure IBM Cognos Planning 10.2 together with IBM Cognos Analytics 11 R4?


0) Prerequisites
- Cognos Analytics 11.0.4 (referred to as CA11 or CA11R4 in this document).
- IIS 7, IIS 7.5 or IIS 8.
- For the purposes of this document we will assume the IIS server and the CA11 R4 server are on the same machine: CA11server
- CA11 R4 and Planning machines are accessible by name (not just IP) on the network.
- The host OS for the Planning installation is 64bit
- 32 bit CA11 gateway installed as detailed in
- CA11 R4 Application services component installed

- CA11 R4 Optional Gateway installed and configured as detailed in
- Make sure Application Request Routing ( is installed and configured as described in the CA11 instructions in the link above
- After installing ARR, depending on your server configuration you may need to manually enable proxy in IIS:

      • Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and select your server from the left pane
      • In the Features View (center pane) double click on Application Request Routing Cache
      • From the right pane (Actions) select Server Proxy Settings...
      • Make sure the Enable Proxy box is checked. If not, check it.

1) Gateway configuration steps
a) Stop CA11 services and close the Cognos Configuration window
b) Install the Planning Gateway kit on top of the CA11 gateway (make sure you choose the same location during install)
c) Your Gateway namespace setting in (CA11) Cognos Configuration should be http://<CA11server>:80/ibmcognos/bi .
d) Start the CA11 services
Example CA11 configuration :

*In the example above is the CA11 server IP

2) Install the Planning Server and Framework Modeler
a) Install Planning Server (plansrvr) and Planning Admin (planadmin) GA kits pus the latest FixPack updater (if available) in the same location
b) Install the Framework Manager 11 R4 kit (matching the CA11 install) in a separate location

3) Configure Framework Manager
a) Start IBM Cognos Configuration (for FM)
b) Under Local Configuration > Environment edit Gateway URI and Dispatcher URI for external applications to match the CA11 setting.
- Gateway URI: http://<CA11server>:9300/bi/v1/disp
- Dispatcher URI for external applications: URI: http://<CA11server>:9300/bi/v1/disp
c) Save

Example FM configuration

4) Configure Planning
a) Start IBM Congos Configuration (Planning)
b) Under Local Configuration > Environment make the URI settings:
- Gateway URI - http://<CA11server>:9300/bi/v1/disp
- External dispatcher URI - http://<PlanningServer>:9300/p2pd/servlet/dispatch
- Internal dispatcher URI - http://<PlanningServer>:9300/p2pd/servlet/dispatch
- Dispatcher URI for external applications - http://<CA11server>:9300/p2pd/servlet/dispatch
- Content Manager URIs - http://<CA11server>:9300/p2pd/servlet

* in this example, is the Planning machine and is the CA11 machine

c) Under Local Configuration > Environment > Planning edit the IBM Cognos BI installation location and point it to the local FM install location

d) Before saving, make aditional settings like configuring your planning store, logging etc.
e) Save and Start the services

5) Additional Notes
a) If you want to use a path other than /ibmcognos , you need to modify {install.dir}/wlp/usr/servers/cognosserver/ and change the value of ibmcognos.root: ibmcognos.root=ibmcognos
The value can be whatever you like as long as it uses ASCII characters (with or without leading '/'):
e.g. /path/to/cognos for http://server/path/to/cognos/bi
You can modify {install.dir}/webcontent/default.htm to do this for you. Note that if Kerberos is not configured, and anonymous is disabled, you will get the old C10 logon screen.
b) No matching Cognos Analytics 11 Transformer version currently exists
c) In order to access your Planning applications and packages from the new CA11 interface go to: New > Other > Contributor.

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More support for: Cognos Planning

Software version: 10.2

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1991239

Modified date: 05 October 2016