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How to enable Google Calendar overlay on a Domino mail server

Technote (troubleshooting)


Google Calendar entries within iNotes stopped working because the previous versions of the Google Calendar API were shut down.


Google Calendar overlay does not work for iNotes.


Previous Google Calendar APIs were shut down and support is now through API v3.

Resolving the problem

To set up Google Calendar overlay for iNotes, you must first generate an API key and a Client ID. Then, add that information to the mail server's notes.ini file.

1. Create a project in the Google Developers Console.

2. Search the Google API Library to find the Google Calendar API. Select it and click Enable.

3. Click Credentials > Create credentials > API key.

4. After the API key has been created, click Restrict key.

5. Add a name, select HTTP referrers, and add the mail server information. Click save.

6. Return to the Credentials page and click Create credentials > OAuth Client ID

7. Select Web application from the Application type list, add a name, and the mail server information. Click Create.

8. Open the notes.ini file on the Domino mail server, and set the following variables using the generated API key and Client ID values:

iNotes_WA_GoogleClientId= Enter the generated Client ID
iNotes_WA_GoogleApiKey= Enter the generated API key

Note: The Add Calendar menu in iNotes is hidden by default when the calendar is opened by a delegator. To enable it, set the following variable in the notes.ini file on the mail server:


9. Restart the server.

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