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Req Field Association (RFA)/Candidate Field Association (CFA): Workbench Import Table of Contents



What are field associations (RFAs/CFAs) and how do I import them through Workbench?

Resolving The Problem

Req Field Association (RFA) and Candidate Field Association (CFA) functionality allows your organization to associate req/candidate form field options to each other. This is accomplished by having a Parent field drive the values that are defaulted, or limited, in a Child field. Parent-Child relationships ensure that the proper value is selected in the Child field based on what is selected in the Parent field.

There are two ways you can update Req Field Associations (RFA) and/or Candidate Field Associations (CFA) in Brassring.
1. RFA/CFA Import Integration (Field Association). RFAs/CFAs can be kept up to date through an integration with your HRIS or system of record. A technical specification guide can be found here.
2. RFA/CFA excel import via Workbench. This option is available for Workbench users with Power User access or for users that have Tier 5 access with the proper client setting enabled. The steps to successfully update RFAs/CFAs via a Workbench import are covered in detail below.

*As with all configuration and import tasks in Workbench, we strongly encourage that customers first complete the work in Staging before making any updates in Production. This will help you identify and resolve any potential issues prior to completing the task in your Production environment.*


Preparing the RFA/CFA Spreadsheet for Import into Workbench Click Here
Performing the RFA Import (Power User Access) Click Here
Performing the RFA Import (Tier 5 User Access) Click Here
Performing the CFA Import (Power User Access) Click Here
Performing the CFA Import (Tier 5 User Access) Click Here
Reading the RFA Results File Click Here
Reading the CFA Results File Click Here
Common RFA/CFA Import Errors Click Here

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