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Data warehouse database size is huge and growing fast

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Data warehouse database used by IBM Collaborative Lifecycle (CLM) applications size is huge and growing fast.


You see that current data warehouse size is above 200GB and it is growing about 1GB a day or more.


Due to high usage of CLM applications the historical tables are growing rapidly. It is designed behavior.

Diagnosing the problem

Check if the tables containing historical data are using the most of the space. There are RIDW.H_* tables. You can check the table size using How to check which tables are using the most space article.

Resolving the problem

The workaround is to disable the jobs gathering historical data and truncate the historical data manually. This will reduce the database size but you will not be able to use the reports which use historical data.


  1. Navigate to https://your-server:9443/dcc/ and uncheck all jobs referring to historical data. This step is needed only in CLM 6.0.1 or below.

  2. Run the script provided below

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