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404 Not Found pop-up when browsing images in Cognos Analytics 11

Technote (troubleshooting)


When a user add an image to a report and click the Browse button, a pop-up opens displaying a 404 Web server error.


Web server error
the web request failed.
404 Not found


Case 1
Despite the fact that Cognos Analytics can run without an installed gateway, in order to be able to import images into reports, you need to have a webserver with WebDAV enabled.

Case 2
Despite a separate Cognos gateway installed and WebDAV enabled on /bi/samples/images/ or on /samples/images/ 404 error still remains


Cognos Analytics
Windows 2008 / 2012
IIS 7 / 8

Diagnosing the problem

Case 1
You will need to configure the web server (IIS, Apache, ...) with WebDAV and install the Cognos Analytics 11 gateway components as well for this to be configured correctly

Case 2
The standard config has all ibmcognos/bi/* requests being routed via reverse proxy rewrite rule to the app-tier server, which would be running in Websphere Liberty Profile which does not support WebDAV.

It means you cannot enable WebDAV on /bi/samples/images/ but it can be enabled on /samples/images/

Resolving the problem

Case 1
- Set up a distributed installation (options Custom / First install), e.g. Data tier + App tier on folder IBM\Cognos\C11.0.2.0, then the Gateway on folder IBM\Cognos\C11.0.2.0GW
- Configure IIS using technote 1976435 IBM Cognos Analytics Gateway Installation Using IIS (link below)
- Enable WebDAV on Default web site and virtual directory for path <Alias>\samples\images\

Case 2
- Close the 404 error pop-up and manually modify the path displayed by removing /bi
- Browse button works

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Software version: 11.0

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Modified date: 05 December 2017