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How to run a report using a parameterised URL

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This document provides the syntax for a URL which can be used to invoke a report and have it displayed in Cognos Viewer


1. Get the ID of the report by viewing the properties of the report and, in the General tab, select Advanced. The storeID appears on the ID field. Capture this value and place into the StoreID section of the URL

2. URLs...

http://dispatcher_server:9300/bi/v1/disp?b_action=cognosViewer&run.outputFormat=HTML&run.prompt=true&ui.object=storeID (%22insert_StoreID_here%22)&ui.action=run&cv.header=false&cv.toolbar=false Change the port from 9300 to your configured dispatcher port Gateway... [gateway_server/ibmcognos/cgi-bin/cognosisapi.dll?b_action=cognosViewer&run.outputFormat=HTML&run.prompt=true&ui.object=storeID(%22insert_StoreID_here%22)&ui.action=run&cv.header=false&cv.toolbar=false

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Software version: 11.0

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Modified date: 20 September 2016

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