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Fix list for IBM Connections 5.5 CR1

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This document lists the fixes included in IBM Connections 5.5 Cumulative Refresh 1 (CR1)


Cumulative Refreshes (CRs) consists of a set of cumulative fixes for each of IBM Connections applications. For additional information on CRs, including instructions on how to download and install, please review the Update strategy for IBM Connections 5.5 document. IBM Connections 5.5 CR1 includes all fixes in IBM Connections 5.5 Day1 iFix (APAR LO87330) and IBM Connections 5.5 Required February Update iFix (APAR LO87626).

Fix Central download link for the 5.5 CR1 package (

The fixes included in IBM Connections 5.5 CR1 are listed in this table:

APAR# Component Problem Description
Activities Performance enhancements for Activities
Activities Corrected the API for Activities where a 403 would be returned when editing an existing ToDo
LO87330 Activities Performance improvement for Activities by increasing the cache size
LO87330 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected the menu for Community Blogs where it would display Apps instead of Community
LO87330 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar [Oracle]Performance enhancements for Blogs
LO87330 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected the possible occurrence of a deadlock in Bookmarks
LO87330 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected a problem where the restricted icon was incorrectly displayed in the My Blogs list view
LO87330 CKEditor [Oracle]Fixed a problem where adding the RTE widget would not display correctly when added
LO87330 Common UI Fixed the problem where the File's details overlay did not display in preview if the Docs editor is not installed.
LO87330 Common UI Fixed the consistency of some URLs that prevented the browser from effectively caching the responses.
LO87330 Common UI Fixed a problem with Tags typeahead not returning results for a community, bookmark or feed
LO87330 Common UI Adjusted gatekepeer setting
LO87330 Common UI [IE10/11]Fixed a problem with Connections Mail failures when viewing Files and Wikis pages
LO87330 Communities [IE11] Fixed a problem where Related Communities - Recent Updates did not display under certain circumstances
LO87330 Communities Fixed display error in the left navigator for the "My Folders" section where it did not display the folder tree nodes
LO87330 Community Calendar Performance enhancement for the Search index for Calendar
LO87330 Discussion Forums Corrected the menu for Community Forums where it would display Apps instead of Community
LO87330 Discussion Forums Fixed the link in the Forum topic: "Join this community to reply" which did not work
LO87330 Files Corrected the keyboard for Share File / Folder's initial focus which was incorrect
LO87330 Files Fixed a refreshed problem for the folder name after the name was changed through edit properties
LO87330 Files Fixed the problem with a folder's pinned status after two consecutive moves
LO87330 Files Corrected the display for Folders in the left navigator after moving a subfolder to another folder
LO87330 Infrastructure Translation improvement for 33 languages
LO87330 Metrics - Cognos Fixed a problem where a read event was not caught by Metrics after migrating from IC5.0 CR3 to IC5.5
LO87330 Metrics - Cognos Corrected a problem with duplicate read events from Search when a user accessed a page of an application item(entry/topic etc)
LO87330 News Fixed a problem in Blogs when following a blog and the blog would not be displayed in "Stop Following" dialog
LO87330 News Corrected a problem where the Activity Stream Search Administration in the Web UI was inaccessible
LO87330 News Performance enhancement for Homepage
LO87330 Profiles Performance enhancements for Profiles CPU usage
LO87330 Search Fixed a problem in the Files seedlist where it go into a infinite loop when filename was MBCS or corrupt
LO87330 Search Performance enhancements for Activities index with regards to the document field "publish_date"
LO87330 Search Fixed a problem with the index hanging indefinitely on various components
LO87330 WidgetContainer/WidgetFramework Improvements to IBM Connections Mail
LO87330 Wikis Corrected a display issue when the Wikis and RTE widgets coexisted on the same page
LO87330 Wikis Fixed a problem where a Wiki page could not be saved after deleting an @mention in page
LO87330 Wikis Fixed the problem where ICM failed to load on Wikis pages after a in-page navigation
LO87330 Wikis Corrected the problem where the RTE would generate a "TypeError: this.waitingForLogin is not a function" when loading the RTE widget
LO87330 Wikis Fixed the problem when Copying/Pasting an image in RTE would not display correctly
LO87626 Activities Performance enhancement for a memory leak in Activities
LO87626 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed the problem where a date in the past could be selected when creating an Event
LO87626 CCM/FileNet Reduced log noise for message "SRTServletRes W addHeader SRVE8094W: WARNING: Cannot set header. Response already committed"
LO87626 CKEditor Addressed log noise generated by adding the RTE Widget in a Community
LO87626 Common UI [IE 11] Corrected an issue with Sametime not displaying after switching components in the navigation bar
LO87626 Common UI Corrected the problem where unexpected data was displayed in the Tag typeahead field when adding a tag into an event
LO87626 Common UI,WidgetContainer/WidgetFramework Fixed the problem where the Proxy Filter was not triggered for a OAuth2 POST makeRequest
LO87626 Communities Fixed the problem where Tag typeahead was not working for communities, bookmarks, or feeds
LO87626 Community Catalog Fixed the problem where Tags were not working in the Community Catalog view for visitors
LO87626 Connections Mail - Social Mail General updates for Connections Mail for IC 5.5
Discussion Forums Fixed the problem with "Join this community to reply" did not work in a moderated community
LO87626 Dogear Corrected the title for "subscribe to feed" in the bookmarklet window
LO87330 Files Reduced log noise in the WebSphere log when file synchronization was disabled
LO87469 Files Corrected the problem where a user could not access a sub-folder in the picker via keyboard
LO87626 Files Corrected a problem where a Subfolder didn't display in the center pane of the content area after creation
LO87626 Files Corrected a problem with expanding folders in the left navigator for "Folders Shared With Me" and "Pinned Folders"
LO87626 Files Fixed a displayed issue with the breadcrumb trail not updating after a subfolder was deleted through the title dropdown menu
LO87626 Files Fixed the problem where not all files were listed in 'Add files from My Files'
LO87626 Files Fixed a problem where scroll bars did not display under pinned/updated folder list in the folder picker
LO87626 Files Corrected an issue in the Folder Picker where the 'No folders here!' in-line message was not announced by JAWS
LO87626 Files Fixed a display problem with folders when closing the community sharing screen by clicking on the x in the folder detail page in a Community
LO87626 Files Corrected the problem when a file was deleted from sub folder if it was changed to private
LO87626 Files Fixed a problem in Community Files where the widget would keep loading if there were no folders
Files Performance enhancements for seedlist queries in Files
LO87626 Metrics - Cognos Reduced log noise for the exception " SQLServerException" in the FFDC logs
LO87626 Metrics - Cognos Corrected the behavior for a person name card where it was not displayed in the Top contributors report
LO87626 Metrics - Cognos Corrected log noise generated for by Metrics
LO86071 Mobile Added proxy support for GCM
LO87419 Mobile Fixed the problem where an Activity failed to open for iOS
LO87599 Mobile Updated Connections Mobile APNS Certificates
LO87729 Mobile Corrected the problem where a Mobile link failed after iOS was updated to v9.2
LO87626 News Performance Enhance for News
LO87626 News Addressed log noise generated when when replying to a comment, or to another reply
LO87626 Profiles Corrected a problem where TDI failed to populate with debug enabled
LO87626 Search Fixed the problem where Community Search failed to load under certain circumstances
LO87626 Search Enhancements to Search for CPU usage for queries
LO87626 Search Corrected index hanging for various components during Search
LO87626 WidgetContainer/WidgetFramework Corrected inconsistent behavior of the response when a widget or change layout failed to get added to a Community
LO87626 Wikis Addressed log noise generated from Wikis
LO87626 Wikis [IE11]Fixed a problem when inserting a "Wiki Page Link" or "Wiki Attachment Link" where the screen would not be displayed
LO74715 Activities Corrected the problem where the Activity data shared with a community could not be searched
Activities Performance improvements for Activities
Activities Fixed a problem with the Activity Notify email option which would incorrectly format @mentions in summary description
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar [IE]Fixed label wrapping under Blogs
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected a problem where the editor was deleting text in comment field in Blogs
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected a problem with the Blogs REST API where tags older than 30 days failed to be retrieved
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected the Blog API's default value for comments
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Search enhancements for updates from blogs
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed filtering for "Open Ideas"/"Graduated Ideas" and tags in Ideation Blogs
CCM/FileNet Fixed log noise generated by the Extensions.ear
CCM/FileNet Addressed inconsistencies in the Web UI which did not require a check out for changing properties
LO88820 Common UI Corrected the results returned for external users in typeahead.
Common UI Corrected the translation for the File Details label
Common UI Corrected the behavior of the the left navigation panel where it would expand to the right
Common UI Addressed an issue with appending /login to any url would bypasses the reverse proxy and brings the user to the connections log in screen.
Common UI Enhanced the dropdown for Files in Files and Community
Common UI Fixed a character encoding display issue in autopublish updates in the file details overlay
Common UI General Accessibility improvements
Common UI Fixed the problem in Change Title when using JAWS where the error message that displays when the required field is left blank would not be read
Common UI Corrected the problem where JAWS was not announcing 'People who like this' when it was displayed in Forums
Common UI Corrected the problem where JAWS was not announcing 'People who like this' when it was displayed in Files
LO88557 Common UI Fixed a problem with the SameTime Proxy Connections Integration where it was connecting to a localhost instead of the stproxy
LO88603 Communities Corrected a problem where a member who was removed from the parent community failed to be removed from a subcommunity under certain circumstances
LO87441 Communities Fixed a problem where in a restricted community for administrator members could create a public subcommunity for the restricted community. To enable the fix the following section needs to be added to the communities-policy.xml:

<comm:principal class=""
name="parentOwner" />
<comm:permission class=""
action="createSubcommunity" />
<comm:permission class=""
action="createSubcommunity" />
<comm:permission class=""
action="createSubcommunity" />
Communities Corrected the problem where a user could not edit a community after adding SharePoint widget
LO16145 Communities Corrected the Communities response when a request had a different authenticated user in a single session
Communities Enhanced the Communities server's metrics page to expose restricted communities and communities that are in trash
Communities Corrected an issue where widgets would fail to be added to a community when the community name was composed of only G2 characters
Communities Performance improvement for Important Bookmarks widget
Communities Fixed problems with impersonation requests when run as the administrator for on-premises communities
LO87188 Communities [IE11]Fixed a problem where it was possible to create duplicate Restricted Subcommunities
LO88553 Communities If snx:preModeration and snx:postModeration values are not specified, default values from enabledByCreation should be used
Communities Addressed the log noise generated by Communities for the following exception -
Core - Common services Fixed the problem where it was not possible to add LDAP groups to Connections when WebSphere is configured for multiple federated repositories
LO87487 Core - Common services Corrected an issue with updating the OSGi bundles that caused Common not to properly load
Custom Library/ECM Integration/Filenet CCM General Accessibility improvements in the Custom Library widget.
Custom Library/ECM Integration/Filenet CCM Corrected the display of the library tree in the gallery picker in high contrast mode.
Custom Library/ECM Integration/Filenet CCM Fixed display issues for the indicators of "Draft" and "Draft in review" on the Files in grid view
LO88406 Discussion Forums Implemented a configuration setting to display Forum topics in a Conversation/Threaded mode by default using the following property in the LCC.xml
<genericProperty name="">true</genericProperty>
LO87586 Discussion Forums Addressed an issue with the Forum widget not loading in the Community overview if a server name was altered
LO88336 Embedded Experience Corrected a problem where @mentions did not work in the Embedded Experience from iNotes
Files Fixed a problem with WSADMIN FilesUtilService not returning a percentage
Files Corrected the behavior with the arrow in Move to Picker when using JAWS
Files Corrected a display problem in Edit Community - Edit Files Settings page where the left side of the radio buttons were cut-off
Files Corrected the behavior of the "Add" button if the person is not a member of the community
Files Corrected the display of the message in the personal files picker not spanning the length of the drag and drop prompt
Files Corrected a problem in JAWS where the info alert for a renamed file was announced several times
LO87906 Files Corrected the error message that was generated when switching between My Files and My Computer in Add Files dialog
Files Fixed the behavior of the arrow in JAWS in Move To Picker
Files Corrected the behavior for check boxes in JAWS where they did not announce aria-label  in a Community
LO87906 Files Fixed the problem where the Download button would not be announced when disable/enable in a Community when using JAWS
Files Fixed a problem in the Upload and Share File Dialogs where they kept expanding when scroll horizontally or vertically
Files [IE8]Fixed a problem where the Library did not open when Connections was launched in an iFrame
Files Fixed the problem in the Files - Sync view where the "Remove" and "Add Files" buttons were not announced in JAWS
Homepage Addressed the problem where migrating data into a 5.5 oracle database would generate HOMEPAGE.NR_ENTRIES_ITEMORG constraint being violated errors
Homepage Performance improvements for duplicate requests to get unread notifications and mentions in Homepage updates
Homepage Addressed the log noise generated by Metrics for the following exception - HomepageMetricsService.fetchMetrics() throws ArrayOutOfBoundsException
HomePage Fixed an issue where External Users were not redirected from My page to the I'm Following view
HomePage Fixed the Repost notification which contained null user information
HomePage Fixed an issue where the Incorrect user would be displayed in the Activity Stream
LO88345 Metrics - Cognos Corrected an issue with date ranges excluding the first date when DST start date is included
Metrics - Cognos Fixed the 'View table' and 'View less detail' links in the Metrics report. This requires running the updated IC 5.5 CR1 Cognos wizard
Mobile Added Apple MDM Push (APNS) certificates for the Mobile app
Mobile Added MAM Configuration Support for Mobile
Mobile Addressed the log noise generated by Mobile for DuplicateKeyExceptions
Mobile Added Push Notification support for @mention in Forums for Mobile
Mobile Corrected the push designation for iOS and event type on Android
LO88520 Mobile Connections Mobile APNS Certificates for Citrix Update
News Corrected a problem with a NULL returned when handling an attachments for an SPI request
News Addressed the log noise generated by News for the following message -
ORA-00001: unique constraint (HOMEPAGE.UNIQUE_PERS_P_COMM) violated
News Corrected the possible occurrence of Deadlocks during soft deletion/restoring of Communities
News Corrected the label in the Activity Stream in News when a Forum topic reply was liked
LO87592 News Corrected problem where missing SIB events were not sent to the Actiance eventhandler
News Addressed the log noise generated by News for the following exception - ORA-00001: unique constraint (HOMEPAGE.UNIQUE_PERS_P_COMM) violated
News Addressed the log noise generated by News for the following exception - CLFRQ0341E: Could not retrieve details for the user with login ID.........
News Fixed the username that was displayed incorrectly in the Activity Stream under certain circumstances
News Implemented a fix to prevent deadlocks from occurring while deleting communities
News Performance enhancements for EE
News Improvements to the the rollup design to prevent deadlocks
News Corrected the problem where Tags created before April 2013 were not displayed in the followed tags view
News Fixed the problem where quarantined items were displayed in the activity stream
News Fixed a problem in Status updates with the word "expression" inside were posted as empty status
News Addressed the log noise generated by Notifications for the following -
'redirect to login: /form/comet'
LO85675 News Corrected a display issue with accented characters in a Community Title
Profiles Fixed the problem where @mentions photos were not displaying and returning a 403 forbidden response
Profiles Corrected a problem where keyboard access was not working for the file upload control on Photo and Pronunciation in the Edit Profile screen
LO88030 Profiles Addressed an issue where Profiles dsx feed treated the dn as case sensitive
Profiles Corrected a problem where an application's access to the Profiles API to authenticate
with OAUTH would generate an error
Search Corrected a problem where the Recommendations widget was not working under certain circumstances
Search Updated the SearchAdmin MBean to use the WAS MBean factory
Search Addressed log noise by Improving the handling of empty and badly formed extracted file content files on disk
Wikis Addressed the log noise generated by Wikis for the following message on startup -
SitemapGenera W CLFWW0004E: Could not determine site-map file storage. Getting default using [Platform.getInstance()]
Wikis Fixed an issue where Wikis drafts still appeared after running the command WikisMediaService.deleteDraftsByOwnerId
Wikis Corrected the truncation of a long wiki page name
Wikis Fixed JAWS announcement of a broken link as button when a Wiki page was renamed
Wikis Corrected JAWS announcement and focus when a Wiki page is renamed
Wikis Corrected the behavior when a Wiki page is renamed where the Wiki would be moved above the community logo
LO88423 WidgetContainer/
Resources referenced by an iWidgets metadata should use relative URIs which the spec then requires be resolved relative to the metadata document.This is a problem when the iWidget is hosted off a parallel server such as IHS.

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