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Sametime 9 Rich Client Cumulative hotfix - March 2016

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This is a cumulative hotfix for Sametime 9 Rich Client. Some of the main features included in this delivery are:
- Images lazy load in Sametime Chat Window and Chat History Window
- 1x1 file transfer: auto switch from p2p to server based mode when both policies are allowed and p2p is not working between the two users
- Performance improvement for bizcard (for embedded client, Notes 9.0.1 FP5 is needed also to get all bizcard fixes)
- Fix for a potential audio quality issue happened with build in microphone/speaker on Mac

Please refer to the section "Fixes included in this hotfix" below for fix details.



Fix Download Links

Fix Central URL - Sametime 9 Rich Client Cumulative hotfix - March 2016

Installation Instructions

Sametime Connect 9.0 and embedded Sametime 9.0

The Sametime Connect 9.0 cumulative fix package is available in the form of install packages for Windows and Mac.

The following table outlines the install packages by operating system and client type:
Operating system Client type Package name Description
Windows Sametime Connect 9.0 stand-alone sametime.hotfix.win32_20160315-2045.exe Windows self-extracting executable containing the MSI install files to fix stand-alone Sametime Connect 9.0 with OI (Office Integration) features
embedded Sametime in Notes 9.0 or later sametime.embedded.addon.win32_20160315-2045.exe Windows self-extracting executable containing MSI install files to fix embedded Sametime in Notes 9.0/9.0.1 or later
Mac OSX Sametime Connect 9.0 stand-alone sametime.standard.macosx_20160315-2045.pkg Single TAR compressed file containing the Mac PKG install package to fix stand-alone Sametime Connect
embedded Sametime in Notes 9.0 or later; only supports 32-bit JVM* sametime.embedded.addon.macosx_20160315-2045.tar Single TAR compressed file containing the Mac PKG install package to fix embedded Sametime in Notes 9.0/9.0.1 or later

*Note: 64-bit JVM on OS X will be supported when Sametime 9.0.1 is released (Q2 2016).

Windows install steps

A Windows user can manually install this update by executing the sametime.hotfix.win32_20160315-2045.exe file.
1. Close the Sametime client if it is running
2. Launch the fix install executable: sametime.hotfix.win32_20160315-2045.exe
3. When the Language dialog appears, select the language and click Next
4. The install wizard appears. Click Next to start, read the license agreement, and click Accept if you choose to accept it
5. Click Install to begin the installation
6. When the install completes, click Finish

For Notes 9.0/9.0.1 or later client, run the sametime.embedded.addon.win32_20160315-2045.exe file. The dialog and steps are similar to those above.

Mac OSX install steps

Both the stand-alone and embedded form of the fix for the Mac OSX platform are provided as compressed TAR files consisting of standard PKG files. Uncompress the TAR files to a folder, and you will see the standard PKG set of files.

Refer to the Apple installer Manual page for options and parameters that can be used:

Fixes Included In This Hotfix

Fix for Sametime Chat

Fix for business card becomes blue empty when comes the second alert
Fix for location plugin exception printed repeatedly
Fix for no warning dialog pop up when sending mail to a user which has not an email address
Fix for no error message display when failed to login by token
Fix for business card does not show partner's time and city, only shows phone number
Fix for Alt+S shortcut in chat window will open gear menu and block further typing for Polish
Fix for Sametime auto-status change for calendar meetings doesn't work
Add font-size as a setting on the chat typing area toolbar
Fix for Meetings shelf login prompt pops up when reconnect after standby
Fix for can not launch cloud meeting in browser via clicking meeting url in rich client chat window on Mac
Make chat script be displayed in different styles for user name
Fix for missing failover for failed SPNEGO login in Sametime
Fix for Notes embedded can not open location dialog from toolbar after run "File->Close All"
Fix for alert sounds multiple times when entered a n-way chat on Mac
Fix for the photo won't be shown when first hovering on somebody
Fix for Notes embedded ST could not auto login at some edge case
Fix for status is not automatically changed to "away" after the screen is locked on Windows 10
Fix for no exception stack trace showing in ST client log if exception's message value is null
Fix for sometimes the chat partner's photo are not loaded completely
Fix for Rich Client on Mac 10.11x consuming lots of threads and pushing CPU up if left on sleep
Need a msg to tell user to restart uim client after updating http connect info in uim community preference when user logged on
Sametime contact view can not be created properly if not get icon
Background of server communities preference page are white on Mac and Linux
Chat window can't be opened if file transfer policy is not set
When user logout the alert (without recurring) will always pop up
Mac: screen capture from menu bar doesn't work
Mac: about page can't be displayed if ST main window is on external monitor
Rich Text icons in chat window change to enabled after relogin even the chat partner is offline
Sametime client will keep reconnecting status for ever if Sametime server restart service
Chat parter is still displayed as available in business card when she is offline indeed
Quickly hover multiple users one by one. sometimes one photo is not saved from person cache to bizcard cache
My status is changing between away and available automatically every few seconds
N-way chat participant list goes wrong in some cases
Business card information not showing in New Contact dialog after cancel once
Mac should not have the "Use My Internet Explorer HTTP settings" option under connection setting
Cloud IM community could not be pushed down and auto login when using ENABLE_CLOUD_ENTITL_CHECK=0
OutOfMemory is thrown and ST can't be used after computer resumed
Hovering business card display issue after reset user
String overlap happens in Business Card preference
Quickly hover multiple users one by one. sometimes one photo is not saved in cache
Ubuntu12.04/14.04: No Sametime icon on menu bar if click "X" to minimize
Business card information not showing in New Contact dialog after cancel once
Remove some legacy log prints
Show prompt alert when set alertMeWhenMeetingStarts to false for calendar meetings
Confused time zone info on business card
Sametime incompatibility with Microsoft Desktops
The bottom of last emotion could not be displayed when sending emotion to offline user
Emotions could not be saved well and could not been seen under some situation
Add preferences to configure images lazy loading feature
Could not see parts of screen captures in n-way chat history after user changing the n-way topic
Enable images lazy loading in Emoticons Dialog
Can not copy images from the n-way chat transcript if the chat is upgraded from 2-way and chat history is enabled
Multiple requests for remote photo url
Add preferences to configure images lazy loading feature
Remove unnecessary legacy log entries
Enable images lazy loading in Chat/Chat history/Emoticon windows
Fix the problem of Mac client hang for a while right after being activated
Return different error dialog when the person is not found in public group and the group members are exceeded in the defined maximum limit for the public group
Fixed slight memory/IO leak issues in buddy list and business card
Fixed the problem of offline alert area is not shown in chat window after a chat session initiated with an offline user
SUT call history: when right clicking on a newly added missed call from an external number, there is an annoying wait of up to 2 mins before client gets responsive again
Need to show the context menu of bizcard in New Contact dialog
When using SPNEGO token, the client won’t display the warning and login dialog after no token event
Fixed the problem of the photo file of business card cannot be automatically removed in client cache, after the photo data was removed from LDAP directory
Fixed the problem of occasionally new invitee can not see previous chat history in n-way chat
Need to automatically update business card photo after photo changes in LDAP without restarting the client
Handled some NPE exception when applying preferences from UI
Fixed the problem of can not get the desired font size in chat transcripts with non-default screen display resolution
Prompt a message when user wants to send a file which size equals to the maximum allowed size in policy
Fixed the problem of announcement window won't be brought to top if the chat window is minimized
For 2-way file transfer - The Sametime client will switch from P2P to server-based file transfer when needed
Remove the unexpected severe log prints in Notes embedded client

Fix for Sametime Meeting

When server has policy to enforce room password, the rich client shows "Optional" for password
Fix for Meeting client does not pop up an information dialog when password is changed - change the dialog title to "Success"
"Download from the library" option should be gray out in lecture mode meeting
Fix for Allow Control not available if hitting an 8.5.2 server
Fix for the video is not enabled by default after changing a meeting room from non-AV to an AV meeting,
Adjust Service Provider Info Text Box as per the length of the contents in Meetings room info dialogs
Fixed the problem of document sharing do not work after ST9 Meeting Room client recovers from VPN reconnect
Fixed the meeting room password UI issue
Fixed the problem of meeting room client does not remove an exclamation mark from the top left corner of the window when network connection is reset
Meeting room auto-recover from VPN disconnect and connect

Fix for Sametime Audio/Video

Fix for telephony indicator status icon issue on log off/log in
Softphone is updated to Q1 Update 24 - include audio quality fixes
Fix for Sametime audio call resets microphone gain level for each call
Fix for incoming call invite cannot be brought to front
Fix for live text fails to call when the number is in the phone book
Fix for after some call controls in 15+ mins MR call, mute/mute all/unmute all/lock call didn't work on moderator's MR client
Fix for AV still use old proxy after change to direct connection
Fix for ST 9.0 Client SUT softphone only sends Encrypted codecs against 8.5.2 server
Fix for Sametime 9.0 client shows calling number when SIP From header has caller's name for SUT call
Fixed the problem of Sametime 9.0 client shows calling number when SIP Form header has caller's name for SUT call
Changed divertToVoicemail to do a redirectIncomingCall instead of a connectIncomingCall
Disable Audio call option for SUT Lite calls based on new preference
Fixed the problem of can not dial telephone number with spaces
Fixed a problem of telephony status icon is not set correctly

Fix for Sametime Advanced

Handled an exception in a chat room window action
Fix for unable to enter password protected chat room after network reconnect
Fix for updating the client and server side chat transcript accordingly with the library file removal action

Document information

More support for: IBM Sametime
Connect client

Software version: 9.0,

Operating system(s): OS X, Windows

Reference #: 1979478

Modified date: 02 May 2016