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Unable to install Connections CCM components with Oracle RAC

Technote (troubleshooting)


The Connections CCM components will not install to Oracle RAC using either the Service Name or SID.


When attempting to install the Connections CCM components with an Oracle RAC database, you can either specify the Service Name or SID to connect. However, neither option works during install.

Using the SID causes the validation to fail prior to installation. The following error is seen in the log:

    ORA-12514, TNS: listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor.

Using the Service Name allows validation to succeed, but the install of the underlying FileNet components fails. The following error is seen in the log:

    ORA-12505, TNS: listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor.


This issue is caused because the Connections install wizard only supports the newer JDBC syntax that uses the Service Name while the FileNet installer only supports the older JDBC syntax that uses the SID.

Resolving the problem

You can work around this problem by modifying the <Connections_Root>/lib/ file. Among other things, this file retrieves the options set during install and passes them to the FileNet installers. The two variables that need to be changed are GCD_DB_NAME and OS_DB_NAME. They should be set to the SID value for the GCD and OS databases, respectively. For example:

'WAS_HOME': was_home,
'WAS_USER_HOME': profile.home,
'WAS_ADMIN_USERNAME': options['connectionsAdminUser'],
'WAS_ADMIN_PASSWORD': options['connectionsAdminPassword'],
'CE_INSTALL_HOME': self.fn_install_dir['ce'],
'FNCS_INSTALL_HOME': self.fn_install_dir['fncs'],
'BOOTSTRAP_USERNAME': self.conn_admin_user,
'BOOTSTRAP_PASSWORD': self.conn_admin_password,
'GCD_DB_SERVER_NAME': options.get('gcdDbServer') or options['dbServer'],
'GCD_DB_TYPE': options.get('gcdDbType') or options['dbType'],
'GCD_DB_PORT': options.get('gcdDbPort') or options['dbPort'],
#'GCD_DB_NAME': options.get('gcdDbName', 'FNGCD'),

'GCD_DB_USERNAME': options.get('gcdDbUser') or options.get('dbUser', 'lcuser'),
'GCD_DB_PASSWORD': options.get('gcdDbPassword') or options['dbPassword'],
'OS_DB_SERVER_NAME': options.get('osDbServer') or options['dbServer'],
'OS_DB_TYPE': options.get('osDbType') or options['dbType'],
'OS_DB_PORT': options.get('osDbPort') or options['dbPort'],
#'OS_DB_NAME': options.get('osDbName', 'FNOS'),

'OS_DB_USERNAME': options.get('osDbUser') or options.get('dbUser', 'lcuser'),
'OS_DB_PASSWORD': options.get('osDbPassword') or options['dbPassword'],
'CORBALOC_URL' : 'iiop://localhost:' + ports['BOOTSTRAP_ADDRESS'] + '/FileNet/Engine',
'IC_URL': url,
'IC_HTTPS_URL' : url_ssl,
'FILENET_DATA_DIR': os.path.join(self.data_dir, "ccm"),
'ANONYMOUS_USER': options.get('filenetAnonymousUser', ''),
'ANONYMOUS_PASSWORD': options.get('filenetAnonymousPassword', ''),
'SCRIPT_APPENDIX': script_appendix

During the installation wizard, specify the Service Name to allow the validation to complete successfully. The SID will still be used during FileNet install because the value is hard-coded in

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