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Data Collection: IBM BigFix Trend CPM

Technote (troubleshooting)


Logs and data to collect from the IBM BigFix Trend CPM application for troubleshooting

Resolving the problem

See Collecting Data: IBM BigFix for the basic required information to provide Support when opening a PMR
The Trend CPM problem you are experiencing may also be due to an issue with the operation of the BigFix platform components or deployment.

Please determine if the BigFix platform components and deployment are working as expected before proceeding to collect Trend CPM specific data.

For installation issues include Trend client installation logs, the Core Protection Module (CPM) Endpoint installation logs can be found in C:\WINDOWS and include CPMInstall.log, OFCNT.log, ClnExtor.log, and CPMInstallResult.log.

For system-wide pattern issues include the server's Trend mirror script logs, the Core Protection Module (CPM) Endpoint Mirror Script logs can be found in C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\TrendMirrorScript\logs

For CPM action failures include the BES Client logs, see the following article describing where the client logs are located:

For local malware/spyware issues, enable/get the logs by taking action on the following Task:
Task #28: Core Protection Module - Upload Logs (see in the description of the Task for the directory location of where the logs are uploaded to)

For undetected malware/spyware issues see the following article for information to include:

Document information

More support for: IBM BigFix family

Software version: Version Independent

Operating system(s): OS X, Windows

Reference #: 1974754

Modified date: 13 January 2016

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