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What capabilities are provided with IBM Verse Offline?


General features
Data store The last 7 Days of mail messages in all folders, and 7 days of previous calendar and 30 days forward of events on the calendar bar. Data that was previously synched is retained for an additional 3 days before being deleted. The amount of data is not configurable. *1
Setup User selects "Set up Offline Mail" from Verse Mail and Calendar settings menu.
User sets their offline password.
One time download of application files.
System downloads 7 days mail and 30 days calendar, with % progress shown.
A confirmation message indicates setup is complete.
  • Automatically checks for new mail every 10 minutes
  • User can manually refresh by clicking refresh without switching back to online
Menus: Apps, Communities, People, Files, Calendar, Sametime, Help menu not available
Using Verse Offline on a mobile device The Offline feature is not intended for use on a mobile device. Use the Verse app for iOS/Android instead.
Private browsing Verse Offline does not work with any browser when in private browsing mode.

Mail features
  • Captured images are only synced when working in online mode.
  • Attachments are available for offline messages, after syncing
  • Attachments can be added to outgoing mail
  • Add to Files option for attachments is not available when working offline
  • While the user is in online mode any images captured will be synched to offline.
  • When working in offline mode images will not be synched to online.
Threaded messages
  • Messages are viewed in as individual messages (non-grouped mode) when offlline and not all messages within a thread may be available if they are not within the seven days of downloaded data. 
  • You cannot switch between non-grouped and grouped mode while offline.
Work with new messages Compose, Discard, Send, Save Draft, Reply/Reply All, Forward
Email options (priority, return receipt)
  • Priority, return receipt, insert signature available
  • Sign and encrypt not available
Read/unread messages
  • Users can view read/unread messages
  • Filter message by read/unread
  • Unread message count is not displayed at the top of the page. This is different than online Verse.
Add a mail signature
  • You can add a mail signature, but you cannot change a mail signature
  • Inbox, Sent, Draft, All Documents, Trash, and custom folders are all available
  • You can move a message to a folder
  • You cannot create new folders while offline
Message Preview - mark read/unread available
Message Preview - print not available
Message Preview - Reply/Reply All/ Forward available
Message Preview - remove message from inbox/folder available
Message Preview - move to Trash available
Message Preview - move message from inbox to specific folder available
Message Preview - mark messages as Needs Action and Waiting for available
Tear off (Open in a new window) messages and calendar notices not available
Typeahead against known addresses/recent contacts available
Message preview "snippets" Preview of fist couple of lines of a message not available
Team Analytics / Report-to-View not available
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Calendar features

Calendar bar
  • You cannot open or create a full calendar entry from the calendar bar
  • New invitations cannot be created
  • Calendar invitations are shown but cannot be accepted/declined
  • The Monthly navigation calendar popup is available
Calendar view
  • You can toggle the calendar bar, Next meeting, Date, Back to Today, Event bar, Evening Meeting moon

Productivity features

Needs Action and Waiting for available
Important people
  • The most recent messages for your Important People can be viewed
  • Suggested people is only available online
  • The ability to add/remove important people is not available while offline
  • When working offline a simple search (not full text) is available for just the To/From field
  • Can use the To | From | Either filter in the search bar
Business card not available
Sametime chat not available
Out-of-Office not available
Share to blog not available
Work with Connections Files not available
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Some browsers have a limit on the amount of local storage.  Chrome and Safari browsers allow 2GB of local storage, while Firefox and IE have less. Normally the browser will prompt you if you've reached the limit, however if the prompt was missed or was declined to increase storage, your offline mail may stop updating.   If this happens you can increase your data limits in your browser preferences.

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