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IBM Connections Docs 2.0: Spreadsheets editor limitations



What are the limitations for the Spreadsheets editor in Connections Docs 2.0?


The following features cannot be viewed or edited in IBM Docs, but they can be preserved after downloading and exporting from IBM Docs with original file format :

  • Advanced filtering
  • Grouped objects
  • Pivot table
  • Format as table
  • Form control
  • Smart Art
  • Word Art
  • Text Box

Features that cannot be preserved in IBM Docs:

  • Macro
  • Track changes


  • Extra characters are added in the comments content after downloading the spreadsheet files and viewing them locally.
  • The maximum number of items that filtering can list is 1000 (performance issue).
  • Array formulas are not supported.
  • Table formulas are not supported.
  • The following types of data cannot be copied FROM external applications to spreadsheets: styles, number formats, and images.
  • The following types of data cannot be copied to external applications: number formats, formulas, and images.
  • The maximum number of cells that can be pasted to external applications is 10,000.
  • When importing or exporting a chart in a Microsoft Office Excel binary file, some properties cannot be preserved.
  • A chart that has more than 10,000 data points cannot be rendered.
  • Unsupported chart types or chart properties cannot be copied.
  • When rendered, a 100% stacked chart reverts to a stacked chart, and a 3D chart reverts to a 2D chart.
  • When a line chart or scatter chart from a Microsoft Office binary file is imported, the line smoothing property in first series will be applied to all the other lines.
  • Only the default grid line in charts is supported.
  • If the formulas contain many range references, even if the formula number is less than 100,000, there might be loading issues when opening spreadsheets in IBM Docs.
  • Shapes are not supported for .xls files. But for .xlsx files, shapes can be supported, with the limitation that text in the shapes cannot be displayed.
  • Conditional Formatting is not supported for .xls files, but for .xlsx files, conditional formatting can be opened and edited when opening in IBM Docs. 

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Modified date: 01 November 2018