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Tivoli Storage Manager tape drive offline after firmware update

Technote (troubleshooting)


The firmware of IBM LTO5 tape drives is upgraded in an IBM library. After the firmware update is complete, the tape drives are marked offline on the Tivoli Storage Manager server.


The Tivoli Storage Manager activity log shows the following messages :

ANR8300E I/O error on library TAPELIB01 (OP=8401C08C, CC=210, KEY=FF, ASC=FF, ASCQ=FF, SENSE= **NONE**, Description=The device was reset due to device power-up, SCSI bus reset, or manual tape load/eject). Refer to the Tivoli Storage Manager documentation on I/O error code descriptions.
ANR8440E Initialization failed for SCSI library TAPELIB01; will retry in 2 minute(s).

Diagnosing the problem

Examine the Tape drives and Medium Changer devices in Windows Device Manager. Ensure that the tape drives and medium changer devices are working correctly (no yellow exclamation mark).

In this case, although each device was using the IBM device driver, the medium change device was not working correctly (was showing a yellow exclamation mark icon).

For each tape drives and medium changer device, right-click on the device and select properties. From the properties page, select the Driver tab. The Driver Provider should show "IBM Corporation".
In this case, the device driver was not using the latest level.

Resolving the problem

Obtain the latest IBM Device Driver from the Fix Central site. Select the following entries from the Fix Central site :

Product Group* - System Storage
Select from System Storage* - Tape systems
Select from Tape systems* - Tape drivers and software
Select from Tape drivers and software* - Tape device drivers
Platform* - Windows

Download the latest driver and extract. Run "install_exclusive.exe" to install the driver.
Follow the instructions and reboot the Windows machine when requested. In this case, the latest driver was installed and the library showed to be operational in Windows Device Manager but the Windows machine was not rebooted although the installation requested a reboot. The error messages were resolved after reboot.

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