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How to define a Maitanance Windows on BigFix EndPoints ?


1) Use the "Maintenance Window" dashboard to define and manage maintenance windows.

2) Activate the "Maintenance Window Analysis" if you have not done so already.

3) After you create a maintenance window, you will see them under "Maintenance Tasks".

4) Click on the maintenance tasks to apply the maintenance windows to computers

5) Once a maintenance window is set on a computer, it will return true or false to the "In Maintenance Window Analysis" result

6) Use the "Enforce Maintenance Window with Client Locking" task to tie the computer's Lock State to the Maintenance Window

Client locking allows computers or groups of computers to be excluded from running Actions. This could be useful, for example, if certain development computers need to be excluded from changes or updates.
It also provides a technique for testing new Actions on a limited set of unlocked computers, while keeping the network locked down.

To lock or unlock a computer, right-click on a machine or group of machines and click Edit Computer Settings. In the Edit Computer Settingsdialog box, click the check mark to lock or unlock machines.

With the Maintenance Window Dashboard, maintenance windows can be set and enforced for TEM Clients. The Task "Enforce Maintenance Window with Client Locking" will become applicable on machines that are locked and currently in a maintenance window as well as machines that are unlocked
and currently outside of a maintenance window.The Task also locks machines that are outside of their maintenance window and unlocks machines that are currently in their maintenance window if the machines are not already locked or unlocked respectively.

This task will enforce the designated maintenance window on an endpoint by unlocking it during its maintenance window, and locking it at all other times.
The first action with it's default settings will set up a policy action that will unlock a client at the beginning of the last maintenance window and lock a client at the end of the last maintenance window.

7) You can use the Maintenance Window dashboard and task ID 770: Remove Maintenance Window to remove the Maintenance Window

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Software version: 9.2

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Modified date: 07 November 2015