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How can I change the splash screen image?

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How can I change the splash screen image?


1. Make sure that the Client is closed.

2. Locate the JAR file under the framework folder:

C:\Program Files\IBM\Notes\framework\shared\eclipse\plugins\

The build number, which is in bold font, can be different depending on the Client version installed on your machine.

3. Extract it to find the file "splash.bmp". Copy this to a different location if you want to retain a copy of the original splash screen image.

4. Open the file and customize it using any photo editing tool. Save the changes made.

5. Open the Client's notes.ini and add the following parameters:

SESPlashPath= <path of the image>


SESPlashPath=C:\Program Files\IBM\Notes\framework\shared\eclipse\plugins\\splash.bmp

5. Open Notes Client and see the customized splash screen.

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