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Can thumbnail generation on a particular object store be disabled on Content Platform Engine?

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Is there a way to disable thumbnail generation on a particular object store, when the thumbnail generation add-on has already been installed on it?


Thumbnail generation is a new feature of the Content Engine, not specifically designed for use with IBM Content Navigator. If not required, generation of thumbnail objects can be avoided by not installing its add-on in the object store. The add-on for thumbnail generation is named "5.2.1 Thumbnail Extensions".


If the Add-On for Thumbnail Generation was already installed on the object store, the object store supports generating thumbnails. Having thumbnails automatically generated is only one of the methods to create them. Other options are for example the Content Engine Client application providing the thumbnail to be used during the upload, or to run the subscription for generating the thumbnail manually.

The resources invested in thumbnail generation can be controlled on the domain properties, in the "Content" tab. The options allow disabling background thumbnail processing completely or having it processed at certain times.

Another option would be to customize the thumbnail request sweep, among the queue sweeps in the object stores. There it can be disabled or scheduled to run only at certain times.

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